Marina Beech The Soul Alchemist
Marina The Soul Alchemist

Hi, I am Marina, a Spiritual Intuitive and I use Akashic Record Healing to

Ignite Magical Growth in Business!



You are reading this because you are a heart-centred, ambitious businesswoman and you have a Soul mission on earth that you are hugely passionate about.  You are invested in your tribe and serve at a deep level.

You have required grit and stamina to get you where you are today, and you are not scared to show up in the world and speak your truth.

However hard you try – you reach a plateau where you just can’t move forward and hit a glass ceiling in your life and business be it …

  • Financially – your relationship with money, you have hit an income ceiling.
  • With your health and wellbeing.
  • In your family relationships, balancing all of the commitments, suffering from ‘Mummy guilt’ and childhood trauma and wounds.
  • Related to your business relationships – managing difficult clients and conversations and conflict in the workplace (success is harder to cope with than failure).
  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs, self-worth and deservability.
  • Choosing mindless hustle over mindful decision making.
  • Working harder not smarter.
  • etc …

From the outside it looks as though you have it all, so what is keeping you from moving forward?

You Are Suffering With ‘Comparinitis’

You find it hard to stay in your lane.  You feel on some level that you have not achieved as much as you ‘should’ have to date.  You are juggling many plates.  You feel as you are not doing one area of your life ‘right’.  You sense you have failed on some level

You know you can hit greater heights, but they elude you in some way.  You are operating from hustle and are working harder and harder.  You put yourself last on a long list of people who need your time and self-care is a thing of the past. Even though you teach all of these things to everyone else!


You are feeling unfocused and unmotivated.  You continue to power on through with little energy and working on 80%.  You are emotionally and mentally tired and drained.  And you are not listening to your intuition as you are working in the masculine (as your feminine has long left the room).

You dream of having it all, but not doing it all…


We Are More Than Just This Lifetime…

Every single thought, choice, consequence, and action that you have ever made or experienced from your souls’ creation (all of your past lives) is in yours or your business’s Akashic Record.

Energetically you hold yourself back but do not understand why as your karmic blocks, emotional trauma, coping mechanisms, negative unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs from every single lifetime that you have ever experienced carries a resonance to this day.

This resonance then shows up in your life by you …

  • Playing small.
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome.
  • Self-sabotaging your success.
  • Having egoic resistance.
  • Ignoring your own inner wisdom.
  • Not feeling safe.

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By creating a sacred container, I help you take your business from the old way, the 3rd Dimension way (which is no longer working) to a more conscious way of doing business, through Soul insight knowledge and guidance and the Akashic Records.

A new way of working which honours your intuition, your intention, your channel, your guides in order to instigate change, transform your life, bring forth new positive experiences and create magic! Connecting to the soul of your business through the Akashic Business Records and the power of co-creation.

My clients see me as integral part of their team as I help them through Spiritual guidance and Akashic Record healing for themselves and their business to identify and clear energetic karmic blocks and patterns of behaviour that they are not conscious of, releasing negative energy.

    In order to

    • Heal the past and old wounding.
    • Release karmic patterns, memories and stories.
    • Understand your Soul lessons – and how they have hindered you to date.
    • Align to your divine gifts.
    • Embody a new soul aligned strategy.
    • Feel empowered.
    • Take new action and create change.
    • Experience transformation – an awakening.
    • Creating Quantum expansion and growth.

    So you can

    • Break the cycles of limiting beliefs and create limitless potential.
    • Feel empowered to move forward and smash all of the targets.
    • Feel aligned at a soul level.
    • Be confident in listening and trusting your intuition.
    • Feel enlightened, experience clarity and truth.
    • Understand what is required of you to up level in your business (and stay there).
    • Focus on what needed to take aligned action.
    • Feel motivated to continue along your soul led business path.
    • Show up as the expert you were born to be.
    • Lead your soul mate clients with impact, energy and success!
    “I took the opportunity to work with Marina on the Soul Activation Programme after having a Soul Realignment Reading. Each session was tailor made for me, and delivered in a concise but empathetic way by Marina. She is most generous of her time and patiently answered all my questions and insatiable need to learn more about the Akashic Records. I can honestly say that the sessions I had, each time, effected a shift in me, and a subsequent session regarding my children’s souls purpose and reasons for choosing to be with me in this lifetime was unbelievable! Not only was the information fascinating, but it reassured me with regard to one of my children that I worry about when she described her soul’s origination and characteristics. Since gaining an understanding of their soul’s make-up, my relationship with each of them has changed considerably for the better – happy days!”

    – Hilary Morgan 

    “My Akashic Records reading was simply mind blowing. Before I had my reading, I always felt that certain things were blocking my path and possibly draining my energy.  The reading confirmed all of that and why.  So, before my reading I was frustrated as I didn’t understand why I felt this way. 

    After my reading, I now have a new level of understanding about the journey of my soul and why I have sometimes felt the way I did.  I understand my mission and can now work towards realigning myself and my goals.  It is for all these reasons that I would highly recommend Marina- she is brilliant and what she does and delivers the reading in a very caring and clear way.”  

    – Olwen Jennings

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