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Akashic Records for Life and Business

Hi, I am Marina, a Spiritual Intuitive and I use Akashic Record Alchemy

To ignite Magical Growth in Life and Business!



You are reading this because you are heart-centred and Soul led, you are invested in your tribe and want to serve at a deep level.

You have required grit and stamina to get you where you are today, you know you are here to show up in the world and share your divine gifts and light.

 Can I tell you a secret? – ‘We are more than just this lifetime’.

And this is the reason that when you reach a plateau and feel you cannot move forward in your life and business, be it…

  • Wealth – Financially – your relationship with money, you have hit an income ceiling.
  • Self-DiscoveryOvercoming your limiting beliefs, self-worth and deservability.
  • BusinessWorking harder not smarter.
  • Vitality – Prioritising your health and wellbeing.
  • Relationships Balancing all of the commitments, suffering from ‘Mummy guilt’ and childhood trauma and wounds.
  • Spiritual Development – Trusting your intuition and connecting in a deeper way.

Because, Yes We Are More Than Just This Lifetime…

Every single thought, choice, consequence, and action that you have ever made or experienced from your Souls’ creation (all of your past lives) is in yours or your business’s Akashic Record.

Energetically you hold yourself back but do not understand why as your karmic blocks, emotional trauma, coping mechanisms, negative unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs from every single lifetime that you have ever experienced carries a resonance to this day.

This resonance then shows up in your life by you…

  • Sabotaging your ability to receive.
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome.
  • Not charging your worth.
  • Not prioritising self-care.
  • Not implementing required boundaries.
  • Ignoring your own inner wisdom.
  • etc


By creating a sacred container, I help take you from the old way, the 3rd Dimension to a more conscious way of doing business through the Akashic Records.

A way of working which honours your intuition, intention, channel, guides in order to instigate change, transform your life, activate new positive experiences and create magic!  Connecting to the Soul of your business through the Akashic Business Records and the power of co-creation.

My clients see me as integral part of their team as I help them through Spiritual guidance and Akashic Record healing to identify and clear energetic karmic blocks and patterns of behaviour.

    So that you can…

    • Release the past – energetic blocks, wounds and trauma.
    • Understand the karmic patterns memories and stories.
    • Break the cycles of limiting beliefs and create limitless potential.
    • Appreciate your egoic resistance and how it shows up
    • Embody new levels of growth and feel safe.
    • Align to your divine gifts and embody a new Soul strategy.
    • Create quantum expansion and evolution.
    • Be confident in listening and trusting your intuition.
    • Understand what is required of you to up level in your business (and stay there).


    Work with me 121 (from 60 mins to 6 months) to activate the magic inside your Akashic Records and fast track results.

    Receive your own personal Akashic Record healing with downloadable workshops and a group membership.

    Learn Akashic alchemy and healing in The Akashic Code Academy and via various pendulum masterclasses.


    Featured in Daily Mail

    Firstly this lady is in a league of her own just amazing. ⭐️

    I had a Akashic Alignment session and as soon as it started started Marina made me feel safe and held in a very caring way.  Within my session Marina cleared blocks and vows from past lives and revealed the life time that was causing my present day health issue and the root cause.

    She did pendulum healing to clear the blocks, pulled cards to give advice to support my healing and there was so much more. Also Marina’s support afterwards was amazing.  Marina has helped me change my health and in turn changed my life in a positive way.

    Forever Grateful. 🙏 Highly Recommend.

    – Sinead O’Reilly

    “My Akashic Records reading was simply mind blowing. Before I had my reading, I always felt that certain things were blocking my path and possibly draining my energy.  The reading confirmed all of that and why.  So, before my reading I was frustrated as I didn’t understand why I felt this way. 

    After my reading, I now have a new level of understanding about the journey of my soul and why I have sometimes felt the way I did.  I understand my mission and can now work towards realigning myself and my goals.  It is for all these reasons that I would highly recommend Marina- she is brilliant and what she does and delivers the reading in a very caring and clear way.”  

    – Olwen Jennings

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