About Marina The Soul Alchemist
About Marina the soul alchemist

Business Aligns when you Understand who you are at Soul Level.

I would not say that I consciously chose my path, on reflection I now know it chose me.  There are no mistakes in life, right? To understand more, it is best that I tell you about a defining moment.

The Party Girl

It is fair to say I used to be a party girl, the ultimate good time girl.  More than 10 years ago, I had a good job and worked hard and played hard.  Life was there for the taking and I took it.  In 2016 I was working in Global Merchandising in Retail for large international companies based in Manchester Airport. 

On the outside it looked as though I had it all, I was self-medicating through alcohol and external gratification.  On the inside I was lost and felt disconnected.  After being made redundant consecutive times, each time I secured a new job the universe took it away from me.  This was a message, a wake-up call, this lifestyle was not sustainable and could not continue the way it was.

The Spiritual Path Was Beckoning

In 2017 I started to take a more serious look at a Spiritual path, (I had dabbled with tarot in the past and given readings for friends and family but didn’t really take it seriously). I felt I was emotionally available, however physically all my energy was going into my self-control, trying to fight addiction by not drinking or partying.

I was in between two worlds and the lower energies did have a strong pull and influence over me whatever I tried to do to break free. I knew I needed help but was ignoring the nudges and continued to struggle on.

The Epiphany

I was in a Spiritual Facebook group and on a Facebook Live session an Akashic Record Healer who I had never met before asked us to choose between 3 questions, and the one I chose was – ‘What master program do you have running?’

She revealed to me that I had a master program running of alcoholism which was preventing me from moving forward and living the life that I was here to live. She cleared this program in that instance, which immediately created a shift in me.

This was a warm Friday evening in June 2017, and I have not touched one drop of alcohol since. I was set free, felt alive and was ready to start living again. Energetically this then opened me up to focus upon my path, take on spiritual learning and introduced me to the modality of ‘Akashic Record Healing’.

The Journey

This was such an incredible powerful modality that had literally changed my life.  I embarked on a Soul led mission to find out more, so I could use it to help empower others.  The method I chose to learn was Soul Realignment, in August 2017 I started integrating the cosmic knowledge and in December 2017 I worked with my first client.

The Soul Alchemist

I now use Akashic Alchemy in my daily work, the founder of the Akashic Code Training Academy and creator of the Akashic Oracle card deck.

I hold the space for my clients and students – by creating a sacred container, to help them release subconscious programs, contracts, vows, entity attachments, curses, beliefs, Soul wounds, trauma imprints, hooks, chords… from both their personal & business Akashic Records.

So That You Can …

  • Make an impact and create change in your life and business.
  • Discover your Soul Identity – the many talents and skills you are unaware you have.
  • Reclaim your focus, passion, balance and purpose for life.
  • Raise your vibration so you are attracting the experiences you say you want.
  • Understand how to read the Akashic records effectively to help yourself and others.


I have worked with over a thousand clients, witnessing them experience their own unique transformation through my Soul led guidance and healing. Using Akashic Alchemy, my spiritual toolbox I deliver unique and personalised sessions which create aligned Soul success.

10 Interesting Facts about Marina Your Soul Alchemist

1.   I have a daily cup of ceremonial cacao to open the heart

2.   I am a 9 in Numerology = The Humanitarian

3.   I am a emotional authority Manifesting Generator – 1/3

4.   I play the drums

5.   I have 2 sons – Alfie and Archie

6.   I am married to Jeff and have been together since 1995

7.   I love the Band, Queen

8.  The Sun feeds my Soul and Greece is my Soul home

9.   I collect pendulums

10. I don’t like avocado



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