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The keys to unlocking your future

Every single thought, choice, consequence and action that you have ever made or experienced from your Soul’s creation is in your Akashic Record.

The Akashic Records are a 5th dimensional energetic database of information that records a Soul’s journey, choices, thoughts, actions and consequences from the point of creation. 

This Magickal Oracle Card Deck is designed for all Spiritual Seekers who wish to establish and deepen their connection with The Akashic Records.

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Akashic Records Training Course Akashic Code

Revealing Insights

These powerfully illustrated cards reveal insights into the Akashic Realms, across 7 Akashic Chambers, ranging from wealth to relationships and business.

The enclosed booklet provides deeper messages for each card to help understand what the Akashic Records is asking from you and why it has appeared at this time.

The Akashic Oracle Cards are designed for all levels of reader and are to be used in conjunction with The Akashic Records aligning perfectly with your own spiritual rituals. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced card reader, you will find these cards a potent portal to accessing the Records.

All that is required is curiosity, openness to receive, and practice.  

This powerful

Akashic Oracle Deck

  • Has been channelled from my Guides and Record Keepers, and are best used intuitively when you are needing answers, guidance or to activate healing.
  • If you were to visualise a library filled with thousands of books, this is your Akashic Records with each book representing a lifetime.
  • Within the library you can create separate rooms that serve as Chambers and access these when you have a particular focus that you want to look at or heal.
  • For example, if you have a business, you will have a Chamber that holds all of your business wisdom, experiences, achievements, gifts, blocks and challenges. 
  • By using the Akashic Oracle Cards, you will be able to intuitively tap into the messages that the Records and your higher self want to share with you.
  • They will guide you in giving accurate readings and receiving activations for yourself and others.



I have created a FREE online Masterclass (VALUE £449) –  ‘How To Use Your Akashic Oracle Deck’ which as the owner of these cards you have LIFETIME access to. 

In this 2hr session I share more about the wisdom of this sacred The Akashic Oracle Deck and how to best use it alongside accessing your Akashic Records. 

You will learn more about:

  • The Akashic Records – What they are and the benefits of using them
  • The Chambers of the Deck – The Akashic themes
  • Your Akashic Oracle deck – Giving you insights into each card
  • Sacred consecration – What this is and what I recommend you do to initiate your cards
  • Storing and protecting your cards – Different practises
  • The Akashic Alignment – What it is and how to use it
  • The Akashic Wisdom – How best to receive it
  • Sample card readings – My favourite pulls and layouts
  • Key questions to ask the cards – To get the best answers

Gain instant access to The Akashic Oracle Card Masterclass + handouts, pendulum charts and extra videos.


You will also receive a hand selected Antique Bronze Key and chord so you can create your own pendulum to use with your cards and chart provided.  Or use it as a totem to support your Akashic Record connection. (VALUE £50)


Using these cards are helping you heal, develop and grow, and in turn you are helping mankind.  Imagine the positive impact we can create when we collectively share the magick of The Akashic Records with the world!

I would love for you to share with me your daily card and what it means to you – tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

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Love and Blessings

Marina x

 “I had my set of cards and WOW, the first caird I pulled nailed it!  THe energy around them is beauitful.  I just know I’m going to be working lots with them in y business.  Thanks Marina for the most beautifully crafted set of cards.  I woudl definitely recommend anyone getting to them to widen their practise and skills.

– Jo G

About The Author

Marina Beech is The Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive Channel, Teacher and Author

Who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support her clients in the discovery of their divine gifts and Soul identity.  Marina is also the founder of the Akashic Code Training Academy.

Marina supports female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine Soul gifts and to clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

Marina experienced the positive impact of The Akashic Records after she witnessed her own profound healing several years ago and it was through this catalyst that she went on her own journey to discover what the Records were, and how she could offer the same positive change to her Soul-led clients today. When we know who we are at Soul level, we can realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility.

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About The Artist

Intuitive Artist, Designer & Illustrator

Chinkal Pareek is a visual artist from India. Ever since she was young, she has been greatly influenced by the narratives of ancient mystics, magic and the art of healing. As a student of symbolism, she draws her inspiration from nature, spirit and her intuition. She hopes to inspire and heal through the gift of art.

IG: @chinkalpareek.art

To Activate Your Free Bonuses (value £499)!

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