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Monthly 2 Hour Masterclass Accelerating Soul Alignment & Success.

Running monthly 19.00-21.00 UK
Online on Zoom
From ONLY £15 per month (valued at £249)

Ever wondered how being OUT of soul alignment can affect you creating an abundant and fulfilled life? When you’re continually hitting a brick wall no matter what you do… and experiencing:

  • Constant stuckness, being unmotivated like wading through mud

  • Tiredness, going through the same emotional ups and downs day after day
  • Financial anxiety, battling overwhelm and stress
  • Relationships that are challenging no matter what you do
  • Loneliness and don’t believe the Universe has your back

  • Lack mindset as you can see your business struggling and want to up level
  • Living in the past when you were happier and everything seemed easier
  • A deep craving for divine inspiration and your soul sparkle to return

The AMAZING news is you actually have a powerful resource available to you which allows you to connect with your sacred soul knowledge and wisdom that can easily create positive life and business impact.

The Akashic Records is your very own cosmic library which you can use to release old emotional wounds and trauma, install specific success anchors, and receive soul inspired messages and guidance helping you create to positive results after.

Inspired by my guides and the planetary events we will explore a different topic each month that will support you gaining the skills and practise needed to become your own Akashic alchemist and master.

Join me LIVE or on REPLAY each month to connect with The Akashic Records (your cosmic library) to:

  • Accelerate your soul alignment
  • Activate deep karmic healing
  • Receive soul inspired guidance
  • Install powerful success anchors
  • Connect to your authentic self
  • Elevate and strengthen your intuition
  • Empower you to master your own soul path
  • Get clarity, direction and renewed purpose
  • Build a deep connection with your spirit guides
Akashic Records
Whether you’ve never heard of the Akashic Records or using them regularly these monthly activation masterclasses will support and boost your practise further.

“It was amazing! Thank you Marina. I’ve been on quite a few online courses, your are the most enjoyable and interactive. I come away with so much knowledge, information and a hunger for more! Brilliant. I will be back on line with you in the future for more online courses!! I can not recommend this lady enough! She’s always there after the courses to clarify anything you need. Thank you Marina … you are amazing xx.”

– Nicola Burrows

november’s MASTERCLASS

11.11 Portal – Awaken Your Inner Magician

Join me for another powerful 2hr Masterclass where we will be harnessing the power of the 11.11 portal and your Akashic Records to connect with your inner soul magician to activate and fuel your manifestations.

November 11th is one of the most potent and auspicious days of the year where your manifestations are amplified. The number 11 is a master number which holds extraordinary powers which is further enhanced by the Universal energies available on this day too.

The magician is represented by the no 1 who can manifest something from absolutely nothing, and with the number 11 the magician’s manifesting powers are doubled which can see your dreams quickly turning into reality.

Join me on the 11.11 to connect with this powerful portal to activate your inner soul magician and take your manifesting abilities to the next level.


Working with our guides and spiritual support teams is a key part of any energy healing and Akashic Record work.  I usually invite the following to join us:

💫 Archangel Metatron, who is a personal guide of mine and an important keeper of the Akashic Records.

💫 Your personal spirit guide team to hold the space for you.

💫 The Akashic Record keepers, who will be individual to you and may change from time to time.


As part of the Masterclass I will:

💫 Create a safe space for the session by getting you grounded and connected

💫 Give an overview of the Akashic Records and the benefits

💫 Deliver a specific Akashic pendulum clearing that relates to the evenings theme

💫 Provide ‘alignment activity sheets’ for reflection and insight

💫 Lead you into your Akashic Records to get guidance, insight and receive healing

💫 Be available to answer your any questions at the end


This session has been created to be used more than once as you will get a new level of insight and healing each time.  So you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the following:

💫 Alignment activity sheets to be reused

💫 An Akashic Record handbook

💫 The 2hr masterclass replay

Thank you so much for the session on Thursday. For me, the session was like a missing piece. I am currently doing a health and detox programme. I felt strongly that the two are strangely linked.
When I went into the wealth chamber, I had a treasure card shown to me. I felt like I had become a victim of my own family lines patterns of scarcity and struggle. That all my ancestors had suffered the same. 
I think you may have said something to change this which I can’t remember but I remember big windows appearing letting light flood into the chamber and I could see the sea. (This is part of my vision)
When I left the chamber it was full of jewels and gems. It really got me thinking and then I had another insight while doing my detox program that the wealth starts from with me. I had a vision of jewels inside me and the guidance “my health is my wealth”. My wealth starts within. I had been looking for it outside of me. Now I now that “I am wealth”. 
Thank you, really interesting insights and a missing piece in my puzzle.  
Look forward to seeing you soon. 

– Laura Blundell

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