In this blog I’m going to give you insight on what to expect with this New Moon in Aquarius and my recommendations to to leverage the powerful energies it brings. Plus I’ll share a New Moon Ritual that you can use to ground your next set of goals and intentions.


This is the second New Moon of 2021 which coincides with Chinese New Year and the year of the Ox. Ox’s are said to be honest in nature and known for their diligence, dependability, strength and determination. They possess great patience and a desire to make progress, Oxes can achieve their goals by consistent effort. They are not much influenced by others or the environment, but persist in doing things according to their ideals and capabilities. They can be sore losers however so watch out for this!!!


So getting back to this New Moon – Aquarius is a water bearer and represents purification. After the intense energies of the recent Full Moon know that deep healing has been occurring. This moon is also known as The Purification Moon and it was practise by the Romans to clean and cleanse their homes from top to bottom in this month.


The water from Aquarius’s jug allows you to wash away the final elements of toxicity so the ground can now be seeded with new intentions.


Which Sign Rules Aquarius? – Air is the element that supports this Star Sign so you may have a desire to share your new ideas and thoughts, inspiration will come to you thick and fast as you connect with new people who help motivate and can potentially grow new opportunities.


Mind Your P’s & Q’s! – Be mindful that your communication is not too tactless and outspoken, be open to taking other viewpoints on board and allow them to also speak up. Staying on your soapbox for too long may upset those closest to you so be aware.


Rebel Yell! – Ruled by Uranus this planet promotes rebellion and revolution, so thinking out of the box and seeing situations from other perspectives can be experienced now. Getting another viewpoint allows you to make changes to your usual reactions and behaviours and promotes you doing your life differently.


Expansion Is Possible – You will less restricted with this New Moon’s energy and will have need to expand your energy. This may be done through shocks and crises rather than in a calm and gentle way. It may not go down well with everyone but it will support you getting out of your comfort zone (which is what you may need) to go and achieve it.


Va Va Voom!! – If you felt that your 2021 hasn’t really got out of the starting blocks yet and experienced nothing but challenges, then this New Moon will help you feel more motivated and encourage a desire to get moving. This is further supported with the onset of Spring and the signs of new life starting to emerge.


Self Care Is Needed – With this New Moon you may experience a lot of mental chatter and mind knots, this is a signal to step away from the bustle of life and social media and take some time out. Honouring your own needs for just 10 mins with mindful breathing and dropping into your heart space or sitting outside under a tree will help hugely. It’s usually in those moments we can regroup, get clarity and regain focus.



🌙 Practise Independence, Adventure and Freedom – Even this may feel challenging at this time, tap into these energies and break those old behaviour/thought patterns now to feel truly free.

🌙 New Visions and Taking Risks – Seeing the big picture and taking risks to get there will be much easier at this time. Think BIG take SMALL steps and keep going.

🌙 Importance of Friendship – Honouring the value and importance of our friendships within in our networks, communities and the wider collective will be highlighted now.

🌙 Self Express – Now is a great time to vocalise what you truly feel, be mindful it may upset the status quo if it goes against family and societal norms.

🌙 Declutter, Cleanse & Purify – Use this next couple of weeks to cleanse environment, body and mind. Tune into what would bring you the most benefits and make a start.



🌙 Light a candle or some incense, grab your pen and paper and a brew

🌙 Now take 5 mins to calm your mind and breath slowly in and out

🌙 Take a look at last months intentions – Did you achieve all that you set out to? Do you need to remove points that no longer resonate with you?

🌙 Write your new intentions out as if you already ‘HAD’ them in your life and also thinking about how it will feel to have them too – THIS IS A KEY ASPECT TO THIS RITUAL

🌙 Say them out loud to the sky and then ‘Thank’ the Universe for all that you currently have in your life.

🌙 If you wanted to feel the energy of this new moon you could place a bottle of still mineral water in glass out for 3 days – a day before till a day after the new moon and then enjoy over the next week. If placed in pure white spirits it will last longer.


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