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Pendulum Alchemy – The Business Masterclass

Creating and elevating business growth and success; A 2-hour session that shows you how to work with the energy of your business using pendulum alchemy so you can identify and release your business blocks, learn how to get on point guidance from your Business Guides and shift your mindset to attract more clients.

If you’re looking for a business breakthrough then I’d love to share my inside secrets and charts with you. 

Your Business Breakthrough


  • Are you struggling to attract new aligned clients or hold onto the current ones; The ones you seem to attract don’t want to pay for your services?
  • Would love to have a consistent flow of income and actually get ahead rather than it constantly going in and out?
  • Feeling trapped in an endless cycle of ‘working hard for success’; You never seem to get a break when money comes to you easy or with little effort?
  • Sense a building of overwhelm by all that you feel needs to be done just to keep your business going; You would love a holiday but can’t seem to ever switch off?
  • Feel disconnected from your business and lack the excitement that you once had for it? 
  • Have started to question your decisions and/or seek external validation for the smallest things?

strengthen your personal capacity for receiving and embracing the opportunities that come your way.

I totally get it as I’ve faced these challenges too and have taken time to delve deeper into identifying the typical blocks that hold a business back. It can be an uncomfortable process as it can stir up a range of emotions within you. 

It’s key to note that your business is an extension of you, and when you experience feelings of fatigue, demotivation, uncertainty, and confusion, it inevitably reflects in your business as well.

It may not be immediately evident, but for example, the way you attract clients and your ability to receive more is closely connected to your personal ability to receive and your belief in your own worthiness to receive. 

Just this realisation can be a powerful reflection for growth, as it highlights the need to nurture and strengthen your personal capacity for receiving and embracing the opportunities that come your way.

“I loved the pendulum alchemy Business Masterclass. I’ve used pendulums for many years but this took my pendulum work to a whole new level and it was great fun connecting in a different way with my pendulum and healing blocks in my business.

Using the charts was also really helpful, and during the class, Marina beautifully guided us to explore what blocks we getting in the way of our business. Mine were around my bank accounts and how to receive money.

Within the next 2 weeks, I had a new idea to offer my community and brought in £6k easily and effortlessly.

I’m now having more fun using my pendulum to work on my business. If you want to discover new ways to alchemise your business, I highly recommend this masterclass. Thank you Marina.”

– Natasha Harris


This Masterclass will teach you how to elevate your connection with The Soul Of Your Business and your Business Guides and expand your ability to co-create with them using a pendulum.

By tapping into the power of Pendulum Alchemy, a quick and effective tool for receiving guidance and removing obstacles, you will empower yourself to manifest the business outcomes you desire. 

This session welcomes individuals of all pendulum experience levels. You’ll have access to effective charts, commands, and invocations, accompanied by a comprehensive guide that will feel like wielding a magical wand in your hands.


  • What you can do with a pendulum
  • Pendulum Alchemy – The How!
  • Who You Can Work With In Your Business
  • Effective Business Questions + Invocation
  • Effective Business Healing + Invocation
  • Pendulum Alchemy – The Benefits
  • Pendulum Alchemy – The Challenges
  • Components of Your Business
  • Effective Business Alchemy + Invocation
  • How to go deeper

Are you ready to elevate your relationship with your business?

Your Investment

 ONLY £99 (value £499)


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22-page PDF – ‘How To Guide’

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