Akashic Empowerment Tarot
Akashic empowerment tarot



Tarot is an ancient esoteric modality that has been used for hundreds of years to show us insights, challenges, and opportunities available to us.

The Akashic Empowerment Tarot Reading is unique as alongside the powerful Tarot tool, it is enhanced by pendulum healing, activation and the magic of the Akashic Records.  Providing you with higher guidance, insight, answers and intuition in order to inspire change in your life and business for the upcoming 3 months.

Book a standalone session or know you are supported for the year and book a year’s package which includes 4 readings with me.


This 60-minute reading involves an 8-card spread looking at the next 3 months (1 reading) OR 1 year (across 4 readings). As soon as the session starts, I connect to your Akashic Records and we discuss …

Card 1         Your current situation in life and/or business

Card 2         Overview of the energies of Month 1 

Card 3         Overview of the energies of Month 2 

Card 4         Overview of the energies of Month 3

Card 5         The challenges surrounding you

Card 6         The opportunities available to you 

Card 7         Your Superpower, this is your secret weapon

Card 8         The ‘New You’, your outcome as you move forward

After discussing the guidance that is channeled through, we then focus on the challenges that present themselves.  This reading is unique as any karmic blocks and restrictions are identified and cleared using the pendulum, a powerful invocation and personal &/or business Akashic Record healing.

This then enables you to be fully aligned for the opportunities available to you.


After this reading you will leave with clarity understanding the opportunities available to you.  More than a tarot reading – this session is an experience that provides …

  • Insight to understand how past lives and karmic blocks have held you back.
  • Clearing and Healing in your Akashic Records to ensure that you are on your right path to move forward with your purpose.
  • Guidance that empowers you to let go of the past at a soul level to move fully into the future.

  • Confidence that you have all that you need (including your Superpower) to navigate the path ahead of you.

Giving you a clear roadmap to activate a new, positive energy to guide and enrich you throughout the coming year.  This could be confidence, courage, motivation or forgiveness.

The Akashic Empowerment Tarot reading will be tailored to address the outcome which will summon the biggest shifts, results and impact over the next 3 months (1 reading) OR 1 year (4 readings).

Marina Empowerment Tarot Readings

“Marina has helped me in a profound way and I am so grateful to her for her guidance and healing.
These are strange times of course, but I have been anxious about my work and obligation of paying full rent on a treatment room that I am unable to use at this time.  I also have been feeling very unhappy about my line of work and realised that I never wanted to go back!  The cards revealed my inner thoughts and showed that there is a wonderful promise of light and balance, if I can face how I am feeling and make a firm decision in getting rid of the ‘obligation’ I had put on myself.

So the very next day, I gave notice on my treatment room…huge relief! And my intention is to open up to the psychic development and energy healing that I have always wanted to learn, but have never had the time or energy!

Thank you dear Marina.  I will be signing up for the quarterly tarot guidance as I feel this will be a super way of keeping myself on the right path. THANK YOU…xxx.”

– Victoria Smith


I Look Forward to Connecting With You Very Soon.

To Book Your 3 MONTH


at £129 (1 reading)

To Book Your 12 MONTH


at £33pm (4 readings)

Once your payment is complete you will receive an email from me with access to my calendar so you can book your 121 session.



To complete this guidance and healing session you also receive:

• A tailored Akashic Record clearing for you or your business that is activated at the end of the session.

• Call recording, summary notes AND photos emailed after the session.

• Access to my Private Facebook Soul Awakening Akashic & Tarot group. 

Any Questions?

I am here to answer any questions you may have prior to booking.

I understand that this is a unique approach and you may feel you need further support and guidance, so feel free to CONTACT ME on the button below.

Empowerment Tarot

“Marina did a wonderful reading for me which really resonated and was spot on. She has a lovely way with her and is highly talented and intuitive. I have already booked in for 3 more sessions and know Marina will be a trusted and valuable member of my spiritual support team. I highly recommend a session working with her!”

Alison Middleton

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