Join Marina Beech and Natasha Harris, both Akashic Record Channellers & Teachers.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of time?

Join Marina Beech & Natasha Nicole Harris LIVE for another powerful episode in this series of channelled messages and inspiring conversations aimed at supporting collective ascension and our next level of evolution.

In Episode 4 we:

* Explore the human construct of time and its role beyond control and limitation
* Unveil the power of timelines and how we can shift our reality
* Embrace the concept of divine timing and our role in co-creation
* Discover how to manipulate time by aligning with your true flow

Come with an open mind, take what resonates, and be ready to ask new and different questions. Let’s unlock new dimensions together!


These channelled Akashic messages are supporting our transition to New Earth / Age of Aquarius / Frequency of Love.

We stand for the collaboration of Lightworkers.
This is a series of channelled messages and inspiring conversations to support the collective ascension process.

We believe the Akashic Records are now asking Lightworkers to have powerful and much needed conversations for our next level evolution and growth.

In these conversations we will ask new & different questions so that Universe/God/Source can respond differently. It’s only when we have these conversations can the truth reveal itself, so we can feel safer to keep stepping on our path and co-creating a new way forwards.

You may be activated by these conversations, so we can unlock even more magic and self awareness.

We believe together we are stronger, and in our world there is no competition.
We simply want to see the power and light returning to individuals around the globe, and find a new easier path to walk together.

Are you called to join us for these conversations?

Leave us a comment and some love  ♥️

Much love & abundance
Marina x

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