In this blog I’m going to share what to expect with the next New Moon in Gemini and what I recommend to leverage the beautiful energies it brings, plus I’ll share a New Moon Ritual that you can use to ground your next set of goals and intentions.

As we head towards mid year and The Solstice we have an opportunity to really review our last 6 months and sew the seeds for the latter part of the year.  This New Moon is an Eclipse…… meaning the energies again will be stronger then usual and will AMPLIFY what is and isn’t working for us right now!

Gemini is an Air sign and brings with it a more playful sociable energy depicted by 2 figures – The Twins but can also have us moving in two different directions!

Communication, Truth & Self Expression are the key aspects to this New Moon, so with the lock down easing in some countries this will be a welcome relief where you’re able to converse with the wider world again and probably in a much more focused way. 

 To make the most of this New Moon share your hopes and dreams with others, words have such potency and placing these intentions out to the universe (even in conversation) gives them more strength to become your reality with new doors opening and support offered.

Also make time for FUN over the next couple of weeks.  This may feel and look different to last year,  however your Soul (and sanity) perhaps is crying out for moments where we let loose and let go.  Dancing around the kitchen, watching a funny movie or having an online social with friends can all work.


Be Creative – Gemini brings with it creativity and inspiration so if you’ve been needing some extra ummph to get started OR finished then now is a great time to get going again.  Take intuitive action when you can, this ensures your projects are in alignment and avoids timely or costly mistakes further down the line.

Stay Focused – With a Gemini influence (the Air element) you may have a tendency to go off on a tangent and feel scattered.  Sharing your ideas and dreams with others will prove fruitful but don’t lose sight of the main direction your passion is taking you in.


Don’t Believe The Hype – With some planets in Retrograde things may not be all as they seem.  Practise good discernment with others and don’t get sucked into others drama, rumours or anger.  Don’t believe everything you hear or read, take a higher view to see all sides of the situation.

Share Your Truth – As this is the sign of Communication you may find you have more courage to speak openly about your feelings, this is incredibly healing and can instigate positive change when we choose to no longer hide.  Once out in the open new action can be taken and solutions found.


🌙 Stay Focused – Have your goal and create a plan with actionable steps, this will keep you on track on the days where you feel a little all over the place.

🌙 Speak Up – Share an idea and feeling every day for the next 2 weeks and see what changes this creates for you.  You can do this in a variety of ways – written, audio and visual.

🌙 Watch Your Ego – As you start to work on your dreams your Ego may make itself known with tactics to stall you. Observe with detachment and continue to work on them. Fear, Negative Talk, Drama, Procrastination, Demotivation are just a few.  Note down what comes up.

🌙 Be Patient – If you find it hard to decide on next steps and new action, perhaps now isn’t the right time. If you’re battling between head and heart then tune into your intuition or hold back till the next full moon. However if you’re sure and it feels aligned now is a great time to go for it.

🌙 Have Fun – Gemini is a sociable sign so enjoy meeting new people and making connections, there is magic with this sign so you just don’t know when your next key opportunity will arrive.

🌙 Don’t Push It! – In getting where you want to be, allow yourself to be led… following the breadcrumbs and soul urges and by doing so you will land exactly where you need to be. 


🌙 Light a candle or some incense, grab your pen and paper and a brew

🌙 Now take 5 mins to calm your mind and breath slowly in and out

🌙 Take a look at last months intentions – Did you achieve all that you set out to? Do you need to remove points that no longer resonate with you?

🌙 Write your new intentions out as if you already ‘HAD’ them in your life and also thinking about how it will feel to have them too – THIS IS A KEY ASPECT TO THIS RITUAL

🌙 Say them out loud to the sky and then ‘Thank’ the Universe for all that you currently have in your life.

🌙 If you wanted to feel the energy of this new moon you could place a bottle of still mineral water in glass out for 3 days – a day before till a day after the new moon and then enjoy over the next week. If placed in pure white spirits it will last longer.

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