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Akashic & Pendulum Alchemy

The Home Healing Masterclass

Did you know that the energy within your home and workplace can negatively impact your well-being and business success?

Every thought, action, and historical event imprints itself upon your space, affecting you in ways you may not realise.

From ancient battles and sacred grounds to ley lines and burial sites, the land beneath your home holds the echoes of the past. These energies, both positive and negative, have the potential to shape your experiences and emotions.

Discover and effectively release the hidden energetic influences of your home and/or workplace in this 2hr Akashic and Pendulum teaching masterclass.

Discover Hidden Energies


  • The energy in your home or business location is heavy.
  • There are uncomfortable sensations in certain rooms.
  • Some rooms feel colder than others
  • You have experienced unnatural arguments and conflicts in your relationships.

  • You feel stuck energetically and are unsure why.

  • You feel unmotivated to move forward in your life and business.

  • You sense an energy of a spirit or may have even seen one.

  • You have not felt settled, since you moved in.

  • You have experienced unexpected or unexplainable health issues.

  • You notice general disruption and chaos that you can’t explain.

Know there is a way to tap into the Akashic Records of the property and location to create a harmonious environment that supports yours and your families or clients’ growth and happiness.

Discover my alchemical techniques, tools, and insights that will help to clear and revitalise a space and ultimately create a sanctuary that uplifts and rejuvenates. By tapping into the ancient realm of The Akashic Records with a Pendulum you can unlock the full potential ofyour home and workplace!

Join me on this transformative training as we delve into the unseen influences that surround you and your clients and release them with Pendulum Alchemy.

“I did not feel confident or comfortable clearing a home/property using a pendulum before this masterclass. There was so much information in this training that I wouldn’t have thought of beforehand. The whole process seemed very daunting before taking your class Marina.  
Now I feel very comfortable and confident using the invocations with my pendulum and doing great work to shift the energy in a home. The charts are so full of helpful information. 
The biggest takeaway for me was how useful and clear the charts were. I love how we get to fill the void with positive, supportive energies after clearing the non-beneficial energy.  
I would recommend others try this class because it was clear and very practical. I love that the whole Masterclass comes with so much information. I think others would appreciate everything packed into this class.”
– P.A.


This Masterclass will teach you how to access your home and land Akashic Records to activate energetic clearing and create harmony and balance within yours and your clients environment.

This session welcomes individuals of all Akashic and pendulum experience levels. You’ll have access to effective charts, commands, and invocations, accompanied by a comprehensive guide that will feel like wielding a magical wand in your hands.


  • What The Akashic Records are and the benefits of using them

  • What Pendulum Alchemy is and the benefits

  • How to set up your space and set your intention

  • How to fill in the Akashic Blocks insight sheet

  • What Alignment Energies are and how to find them

  • What the Property Akashic Records are

  • Learning what the Home Akashic Blocks are

  • The Akashic access invocation

  • How to use The Charts provided

  • The Akashic clearing and shielding invocation

  • How to follow my specially created checklist

Are you ready TO unleash the power of energy in your space?

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24 page PDF – ‘How To Guide’

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