In this blog I’m going to share what to expect with this New Moon in Leo and what I recommend to leverage the powerful energies it brings, plus I’ll share a New Moon Ritual that you can use to ground your next set of goals and intentions.

This is a particular auspicious time as it’s the peak of the Lionsgate today which feels that the intentions you set will be even more powerful.  If you wanted to supercharge your intentions by using your Akashic Records then I’d invite you to check out my recent Masterclass.  Great shifts and insights have occurred already and the energies are just incredible!  READ MORE HERE.

As with all New Moon’s it’s an opportunity to start over and sow the seeds of ideas and goals, I would recommend taking time to review your goals from last month, did you complete them or did they evolve into something else? 

Accept that your priorities may change (especially at the moment) and some of your intentions just may not resonate with you any more.  That’s fine too, give yourself time for this process as it helps you to get clear on what is important and what you do want to create.  Otherwise you may get caught up in the constant doing and not actually being aware that what you’re doing is of any benefit.

Leo is a fire sign and depicted by a Lion.  Bravery and courage are very much attributed to this sign and so if you’ve wanted to make some big decisions or set boundaries then this is a great time to do it.

Uranus is the ruling planet and one of awakening and change so expect life to at times feel like its been turned upside down so you can see it from a new perspective!

Lions are known for their ROAR’s and so if you’ve been holding back on being visible or sharing your truth use this sign’s strength to make yourself known.  You are the King and Queen this month after all.

As this is a fire sign and comes with an uplift in energy they’re actually maybe a tendency to over do it, as this is a welcome relief to feel more motivated and take action, be mindful that you plan in lots of down time for R&R so you can rejuvenate and chill too.


Be Brave and Bold!Leo the Lion is a fire sign that depicts courage, strength and having heart and we’re encouraged to tap into that energy now to take the lead and own all that we do in our lives at this time.  We are the creators of our own experience it’s time to step up, take charge and make it happen!!!

Face Your Inner Critic – Leo’s are known for being the King’s of the Jungle, in your face and brave, however with this being a New Moon feelings of self doubt and being self conscious may crop up instead, honour this introspection rather then beating yourself up and see what lessons are being shown.  It may feel uncomfortable but go with it if you can.

Can’t Decide What You Want? – For some of us that may mean going within to find out what it is we actually want.  Connect in with your heart and listen as this is where your answers lie.  Forgo the ‘Should Do’s’ and embrace the ‘I Want’s’.  Once you’ve decided, use the Lions’ strength to live the life you want to regardless of the challenges that may come your way at this time.


Find More Fun! This sign is also about Fun, Action and Adventure so you may want to socialise more (in our new found ways) before summer ends, and as Leo is a larger than life energy you may feel the need to really express yourself at this time without any apologies.

Are You Stretching Yourself? – Are you being creative and thinking out of the box?  Creative risks may be more easily taken at this time that align with your soul desires, not what you’ve said ‘YES’ to use the Lion’s bravery to say ’NO’ more.

Dramarama!! –  Be mindful of the negative aspects of this New Moon which is DRAMA!!! Old arguments or conflicts may resurface, however you’ll be more ready to take responsibility for your part and bring love and peace to these situations.  Where you can show compassion.


🌙 Review Your GoalsAs with all NEW MOONS new beginnings and newness in general is likely (or can be if you intend it so) however have a really good think about what you’d love to create your life this month before you set your goals. 

🌙 Plan In Your R&R – Take time to schedule in your ‘YOU TIME’ and stick to it.

🌙 Be Bold & Take Action! – Do at least 1 thing that scares you or feels slightly uncomfortable this week.  Use the energy of the Lion to give your courage.

🌙 Connect To Your Inner Child – Having more fun is important for all of us and this New Moon is encouraging us to find it.  Connecting with our Inner Child can support this, or do the activities you used to enjoy as a child.  Jigsaws, colouring, hanging from trees.  Have fun!

🌙 Be Loud & Proud!Take a moment to look at how far you’ve come through this year so far.  This is an opportunity to pat yourself on the back, even if you feel like you don’t have much to show for it.  You have made it to this point so far and that can be celebrated.  


🌙 Light a candle or some incense, grab your pen and paper and a brew

🌙 Now take 5 mins to calm your mind and breath slowly in and out

🌙 Take a look at last months intentions – Did you achieve all that you set out to? Do you need to remove points that no longer resonate with you?

🌙 Write your new intentions out as if you already ‘HAD’ them in your life and also thinking about how it will feel to have them too – THIS IS A KEY ASPECT TO THIS RITUAL

🌙 Say them out loud to the sky and then ‘Thank’ the Universe for all that you currently have in your life.

🌙 If you wanted to feel the energy of this new moon you could place a bottle of still mineral water in glass out for 3 days – a day before till a day after the new moon and then enjoy over the next week. If placed in pure white spirits it will last longer.

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