In this blog I’m going to share what to expect with the next Full Super Moon in Sagittarius and what I recommend to leverage the powerful energies it brings.  Plus I share a Full Moon Ritual that you can use to ‘let go’ of anything you wish to see the back of, which helps prep the way for your goals and intentions at the next New Moon. 
This Super Moon (also known as the Blood Moon as it coincides with Eclipse season and will appear red) is a total lunar eclipse, meaning the energies will be intensified either positively or negatively depending on your perspective. Eclipses bring things up to the surface and a need to face real truths, so you may be subject to profound revelations and awakenings.  Be ready to have your inner beliefs rocked, experience crisis and drama or feeling let down and rejected. Eeek!
With this Sagittarius fiery Full Moon it have the opportunity to focus on the path ahead and what you are wishing to create. All well and good if you have the clarity, but if you’re feeling stuck or unclear then is likely to amplify your insecurities and doubts – especially within your job, relationships or business.
Not only that Mercury goes Retrograde on the 29th May – 22 June so it’s a time to be mindful of travel plans, communication and using tech…… however you will have the opportunity to pause, reflect and take stock of your 2021 so far.

 So what else can we expect?

The Mythical Beast – Sagittarius is represented by The Centaur – half man, half beast which combines both our intuitive and practical natures, which means taking soul aligned action will be easier.  Align your nature aspect by continuing to connect with Mother Earth and getting fresh air.

Jupiter Rules! – Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter who is the planet that helps us see the truth!!! Much of what is going around the globe is being revealed and the divisions between authority and society are ever more evident.  Use this Moon to recognise how much power you do have and how much you are willing to give away.  It isn’t time to hide your head in the sand.


It’s A Fire Sign – Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs, which represent drive, passion and motivation.   So if you want to try new things, experiment or need confidence to take action or set boundaries then now is the time to do it.  Let go of the past illusions and allow yourself to move forward.
Intense Energies – You bet, there is a lot of planetary activity at the moment with Mercury going into Retrograde on the 29th.  With these shifts you may experience feeling low, restless, disturbed sleep, aches and pains.  Spiritually cleanse your aura daily, drinking lots of water, eating less processed food and getting fresh air

DOES really help.


Take Aim & Fire – Sagittarius is The Archer, so use the energy of this Moon to get clear on your intentions, take aim and fire.  Allow the arrow to land in its target, trusting that your skills (bow), gifts (arrow) and talents (wind) lead you to the bullseye. 

Use Your Intuition –  If you’re unsure about your future, feeling fearful or confused now more than ever we are being called to listen to our gut and to connect with our inner wisdom for guidance.  Trust that you will be led to your right path and the right people show up to support you.


🌕  Find forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others whilst clearing out your emotional gunk in order to step into the new aligned reality. 
🌕  Review your vision for 2021, do you have one?  If not now is the time to create one and if you do can you expand them further? Like The Centaur it’s time to take aim and fire!
🌕  Allow your creativity to flow, drop into your heart space when the ego and mind becomes too much and tap into your dreams and visions.
🌕  What beliefs are you ready to let go of?  This eclipse will hi-light perceptions and outdated ideas that no longer make sense, reflect on what these are and start to go with your intuition. 
🌕  It only takes 5 mins to to tune into your intuition.  Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed.  Take 3 long deep breaths calling your energy back to you each time.  Ask for your Ego to step aside (I imagine them leaving the room).  Now ask for your Higher Self to be present.  When you’re ready, ask to connect and imagine your HS sat with you.  Now ask “What is my next step?” – wait for the first answer to come and listen.  Whatever you receive, take that action. 
🌕 Cleanse your energy field and aura daily by requesting the Violet Flame to be with you and visualising it arising around your body – 2m above, below and 360º.   Request that your aura is deeply cleansed and see the energy you don’t need drain into Mother Earth.  Ask that any energy not needed be transmuted back to the Earth to be used for good elsewhere.


🌕  List all that you would like to release on paper – things that no longer help you in your life, blocks that are you wish to now remove – emotions, beliefs, people, habits

🌕 Offer forgiveness to yourself or others if needed – this may need a little time and could take a few sessions to do – be gentle with yourself

🌕 Reflect on all that you are thankful for in your life – include people, events, Mother Earth whatever relates

🌕 Go outside if possible to Moon Bathe and recite to the moon what you wish to let go of, then burn the paper (safely)

🌕 Give thanks to the moon, your guides and the Universe  


🌕 Don’t forget to charge all your Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards in the full light of the moon. You will have this energy the day before and after the full moon.

🌕 You can also create Moon Water which helps you to release. Place a glass of spring water on the window sill or outside with some gauze over the top or tin foil and allow the moon’s rays to charge the water.

🌕 Keep the water in the fridge for max 3 days.

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