In this blog I’m going to share what to expect with the next Full Moon in Scorpio and what I recommend to leverage the powerful energies it brings.  Plus I share a Full Moon Ritual that you can use to ‘let go’ of anything you wish to see the back of, which helps prep the way for your goals and intentions at the next New Moon.

This is the first of 2 Super Moons in 2021 and it’s in Scorpio.  A SuperMoon is when the moon appears brighter and closer to the earth so expect the energies to feel stronger and more magical at this time.  This moon is also called the Pink Moon nicknamed after a pink flower in the US. 

Ruled by Pluto the planet of transformation, cycles and rebirth we will be forced to face our shadow aspects, insecurities and weaknesses to get new perspective and self knowledge, to understand more fully our path and purpose whilst here. 

 So what else can we expect?

Scorpio is represented by The Scorpion and is one of the Water Signs.  It’s known for its sexual energy, us working with our shadow side and enhancing our psychic powers.  With this full moon expect some deep intense shifts to occur and tensions to be released.

Sting in the Tail – This Scorpio full moon will have a sting in its tail if you are caught up in the blame game. This moon is going to fuel the fire by illuminating hidden and suppressed fears and emotions, and bringing them to the surface, so that we can finally face our shadow selves. The more you can take personal responsibility for your actions, find forgiveness and compassion for those who have hurt you, while keeping your perspective firmly fixed on the future and what you are creating, you will come out of this shining brighter and freer.


Accepting Reality – We cannot hide from ourselves under a Scorpio Full Moon, as it dissolves the veil of illusion. This Moon clearly shows us the consequences of our actions in order for us to take personal responsibility for what is happening. If we don’t get too caught up in the emotional storm and collective consciousness we will be able to find the solutions and see the blessings hidden in our perceived burdens.

Springboard for Projects – The more clearer, disciplined and focused we are on what we want to manifest (even in this pause and reset), the easier it will be to springboard our projects and creative endeavours forward. Utilise the passion of this Scorpio Full Moon to ignite your projects with inspirational creativity and magical synchronicities during the next two weeks.

Beware Addictive Tendencies – Desires intensify during a Scorpio Full Moon and may spark uncontrollable passions. Addictions may also become more extreme, especially as the Moon waxes next week, as people try and suppress, and hide from the pain they are feeling. Likewise, sexual passions also hot up under a Scorpio Full Moon, especially so close to Beltane, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself feeling more sexy and sensual, or a new romance ignites!


Feel with your Heart – This watery moon prompts us to feel with our hearts, rather than work things out rationally. Now more than ever we must cut through the illusions that are holding us back and begin to follow our passion and creativity, whatever that is and wherever that takes us.  Change is a scary thing and most of us are holding on to what we know rather than dive into the unknown for something better.  Let this Full Moon help you dive in!

Self-Esteem – Deep inner self-esteem issues can also come up around this Full Moon so be careful not to fall into Scorpio’s watery abyss. Instead, surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones (even online) and take more time out for yourself over this Moon. Remember to nurture you and look after your needs.

Ooo La La –  If you’re in a relationship intensity, passion and fire can be experienced on a higher level where you feel more accepted and loved – Tap into your inner desires and let go. Looking for love? Go with the wave of possibility and adventure that comes your way and see where it can take you.


🌕 Give into your feelings and allow any suppressed emotions to be released – drink lots of water to flush out the toxins.

🌕 Identify what you want to change in your life and start to shed your old skin by changing your mindset and taking new action.  Look for a mentor to help.

🌕 We have all the answers!  So practise connecting into your intuition and your psychic abilities to help you make more aligned decisions.

🌕 Cleanse your energy field and aura daily by visualising a Violet Flame around you. Request that your aura is deeply cleansed every time you do it.

🌕 Accept that endings are inevitable and the more willing you are to let go the easier it will be.  Then welcome the new energy that will proceed it.


🌕  List all that you would like to release on paper – things that no longer help you in your life, blocks that are you wish to now remove – emotions, beliefs, people, habits

🌕 Offer forgiveness to yourself or others if needed – this may need a little time and could take a few sessions to do – be gentle with yourself

🌕 Reflect on all that you are thankful for in your life – include people, events, Mother Earth whatever relates

🌕 Go outside if possible to Moon Bathe and recite to the moon what you wish to let go of, then burn the paper (safely)

🌕 Give thanks to the moon, your guides and the Universe  


🌕 Don’t forget to charge all your Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards in the full light of the moon. You will have this energy the day before and after the full moon.

🌕 You can also create Moon Water which helps you to release. Place a glass of spring water on the window sill or outside with some gauze over the top or tin foil and allow the moon’s rays to charge the water.

🌕 Keep the water in the fridge for max 3 days.

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