While I have your attention.

If you’re ready to go deeper than the masterclass and you would like to experience a profound transformation in your life and business then I have something for you.

My Akashic Alchemy Accelerator session is a potent 60-minute journey designed to unearth and resolve the deepest issues within your own or your business’s Akashic Records. It’s time to elevate your vibrational frequency and manifest your true potential.

During this power hour, you’ll be embraced by my nurturing energy as my spirit guides deliver the spiritual wisdom and insight you need to gain clarity and motivation for your next steps.

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Why this session is for you…

You’ve tried it all—positive thinking, affirmations, mindfulness, moon rituals, energy healing, crystals, and channelling your vision boards into the Universe. Yet, your life and business remain stuck, refusing to shine as brightly as you know they can.

Your go-to methods, which you’ve perfected through time and investment, just don’t seem to deliver the same results. Your life and business have plateaued, you’re stuck in a cycle of ups and downs, and, in some cases, it feels like you’re moving backwards.


You may be feeling:

  • Tired, with everything you do feeling heavy and burdened by ‘have to’s and ‘should’s.
  • Overwhelmed and unsure of where to focus next, experiencing “analysis paralysis.”
  • Scared to make decisions, fearing they might be the wrong ones.
  • Plagued by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  • Unmotivated, bored, and lacking purpose and direction.
  • Trapped in the details, with no time for what you love.
  • Frustrated, knowing that sometimes the breakdown precedes the breakthrough but feeling like it’s taking forever.

What to expect.

By accessing your or your business’s Akashic Records, I will uncover and release negative karmic blockages, programming, and trauma that may be holding you back. I will then activate and align you with more supportive energies and lightcodes.

In this transformative session, anticipate profound personal and business Akashic Record healing.

You’ll gain clear insights on the actions to take and receive intuitive guidance on executing them in a way that aligns with your soul’s purpose.


If you’re reading this, it’s not by chance. You and your business are ready for Akashic Record healing.

Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to yourself?

THE Akashic Alchemy Accelerator Session, WILL HELP Y0u…

🗝️ Feel lighter, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace your next breakthrough.

🗝️ Heal at a soul level and live in alignment with your purpose.

🗝️ Gain awareness of self-sabotaging patterns and clear them.

🗝️ Attain clarity on your purpose and mission and fully embody it.

🗝️ Release karmic blocks and trauma held in yours and your business’s Akashic Records.

🗝️ Re-energize and get motivated to take productive action.

🗝️ Have a clear direction and a post-session plan to follow.

feedback from Akashic alchemy sessions

“I recently had an 60min Alchemy session with Marina. I love my work but there was something that was still stuck stopping me from being in flow and creating and manifesting how I wanted for my business. Marina helped me see what it was and we cleared the old energies quickly and easily. After my session the energies around my work started to flow more freely and several aspects clicked into place. I started to attract new clients and create abundance more easily. If only I’d known earlier! Marina is very approachable, offers a lot of support, responds very quickly to queries and really gets to the core of the issue of what’s going on. I can highly recommend her to help you.” 

– Nicky

“I have had many sessions with Marina – I view her as part of my team – like my dentist or hairdresser, added to my personal MOT list is an Akashic record clearing. Every 6 months or so Marina goes into my records and works with my energies and make sure there is no attachment, scars or healing to be done.

The last session we did together the word Strategy came up time and time again. I am an Aries and a Life Path 1 in numerology and I work very quickly – I am great at doing everything that is in front of me, but I have never been a strategic person. Strategy has happened accidentally in my business. It has worked to date, however, what gets you there will not get you to the next level. One of the intentions for my session with Marina was the next level in my business.” 

Claim your Akashic Alchemy Accelerator Session now for just £149 (regularly £222)!

This is your opportunity to experience the shift you’ve been waiting for. Say ‘YES’ to transformation today!