Unlock the Power of the

Akashic Records

to step into abundance in your business and out of lack and scarcity.


Learn how to easily weave Akashic Record alchemy into your own services without the need to start over enabling you to achieve:

✅ Unwavering confidence in using the Akashic Records as a new and exciting modality in your business.

✅ A boost in your healing abilities which results in more impactful and transformational sessions that clients are happy to pay more for.

✅ A profound positive impact on both your client and their business, leading to substantial growth, increased income, confidence, and enhanced client satisfaction.

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In this session, you will learn how to use the ancient realm or The Akashic Records to grow your business, expand your income and enhance your credibility to be the go to reader, channel, psychic and healer who uses The Akashic Records to facilitate breakthroughs and transformation in life and business.

I will unveil the three compelling reasons why you should harness the power of The Akashic Records to uplevel your business.

You may not think it yet but The Akashic Records, ARE easily accessible by YOU!

And I’m going to show you exactly how. 

You may believe that it’s not an effective enough tool to weave into your business, or that it’s hard to learn or it takes ages to use.  

So I want to show you that not only will this expand your business exponentially but it can for your clients too.

You’ll gain unwavering confidence in using the Akashic Records as a credible and exciting modality in your business.

I’ll dispel your doubts and empower you to grow your business, expand your income, and enhance your credibility.

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Why You Should Attend

🗝️ Discover the fascinating history of the Akashic Records and what they truly are (and what they’re not!). Get ready to challenge misconceptions and embrace their boundless potential.

 🗝️ Bid farewell to the belief that accessing the Akashic Records is a complex endeavour. I will reveal three straightforward methods to connect with these records consciously and effortlessly.

 🗝️ Explore the power of intention, potent invocations, and various access methods such as meditation, automatic writing, and pendulum use. I will even guide you through a meditation exercise to enter your Business Records.

🗝️ Understand where the gaps are in your own business using the Akashic Audit and how The Akashic Records can support you to fill them.


Hi, I’m Marina,

I have worked with over a thousand clients, witnessing them experience their own unique transformation through my Soul led guidance and healing. Using Akashic Alchemy, my spiritual toolbox I deliver unique and personalised sessions which create aligned Soul success.

I hold the space for my clients and students – by creating a sacred container, to help them release subconscious programs, contracts, vows, entity attachments, curses, beliefs, Soul wounds, trauma imprints, hooks, chords… from both their personal & business Akashic Records.

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