Akashic Records Training Course
Akashic Records Training Course


Energetic and Practical Alignment For Business Success

This is an exclusive community now open for spiritual business owners, coaches, and therapists seeking to transform their business journey in 2024. Imagine a place where your aspirations for higher income, better client results, and personal fulfilment aren’t just intentions, but achievable goals.

The Akashic Business Club is designed to elevate your business experience, integrating the wisdom of the Akashic Records for energetic clearing, mindset re-coding, and empowerment building. One of my main intentions is to deepen your connection with your spiritual team – your Akashic Business Guides, the Soul of Your Business, and your Higher Self.

This alignment supports a powerful co-creative relationship, guiding you daily and weekly towards your true potential. Each month we will cover an Akashic Business Code which I have experienced, healed, and elevated to continue to grow my business year on year.

Are You Ready To Create Magic?

Read on…

A Journey of Discovery…


  • An awakened soul who feels stuck, tired or despondent about your goals for this year? 
  •  A soulful entrepreneur who wants to scale your business or reignite your income flow? 
  • A coach, therapist or healer feeling overwhelmed, blocked and unsure of your next step? 
  • A brave soul who is not afraid of change and wants to see results in ‘24? 
  • Ready for growth, just needing consistent support? 

YES? Then you’re in the right place…

Let’s Activate Your Success!

Your inevitable success is about to be ACTIVATED with 12 Codes to Business Alignment and Energetic Mastery!

What Can You Expect?

The A.K.A.S.H.I.C. C.O.D.E.S will take you on a journey each month to activate the necessary healing to anchor in the alignment needed for your expansion and success. 

We will cover… 

– Ambition & Aspiration: Anchor in and align your businesses intentions for 2024. 

K – Karmic Knowledge: Identify your resistance patterns that sabotage your success.

A – Authority & Alchemy: Recognise and step into your power with Akashic alchemy. 

S – Sovereign Strategy: Create strategies that support your standards and boundaries. 

H – Happy Habits: Establish practices that create more abundance, flow and alignment. 

I – Intuitive Innovation: Leverage your intuition for business breakthroughs. 

C – Confidence Creator: Forge a powerful sense of self through Akashic enlightenment. 

C – Cosmic Connection: Enhancing visibility and creating new connections. 

O – Open Opportunities: Create opportunities for new growth and expansion. 

D – Divine Devotion: Coming back to your Why and re-anchoring into your Dharma. 

E – Energetic Empowerment: Power up energetically for growth on all levels.

S – Success & Spirituality: Blend business success with spiritual depth and money flow.

What Can The A.K.A.S.H.I.C. C.O.D.E.S Do For You?

  • Increase your prosperity and appreciation of the abundance you receive 
  • Make big changes in your confidence, self belief and self esteem 
  • Give meaningful breakthroughs in business and all areas of your life
  • Establish consistent progress, leaving behind the tiring and ineffective stop/start cycle
  • Understand what your resistance patterns are and how to handle them
  • Heal you, on many levels, so you feel lighter and more positive 
  • Show the way to business alignment that supports your 2024 intentions
  • Shifts of perspective, connecting to your truth and your own Soul journey
  • Create clearer communication with your business spiritual support team 
  • Mastery of your energy using The Akashic Records

Unlock 12 Business Codes for Success!

The Akashic Business Club Pathway…

Meet Your Intuitive & Alchemist

Marina is the female entrepreneurs’ secret weapon supporting them behind the scenes, as they remove Karmic energy beliefs and conditioning that hold them back from the big bold results that they are destined to achieve – if only they knew it.

A Soul Alchemist Spiritual Intuitive, Channel, Teacher and Author with over 30 years of experience and over 3000 happy clients, Marina shortens the path to their ultimate destination by revealing the patterns that hold them back, creating energetic, spiritual and mindset breakthroughs not available to them through other coaches and methods.

Not only that she also trains and enables them to do this for themselves and for their own clients by certifying them in her Akashic Records method, its her mission to equip more women with these ancestral skills that serve humanity.

Why Is This For You?

Group Support

  • Weekly accountability prompts to keep you on track
  • Q/A’s prompts for those burning questions in how you are using your Records to support your business
  • Weekly Celebration as its important for our business success to recognise ourselves and celebrate each other!

Weekly Tune-in’s

  • Each week I will go LIVE where you can tune into your Business Akashic Records to gain guidance, clarity and direction.

90 Minute Akashic Masterclass

The Monthly Masterclass sets the foundation of your journey and will include…

  • Teaching about of the monthly Akashic Key Code which is ready to be unlocked
  • Pendulum healing to aid any Karmic blocks associated with this Code
  • Reflection sheets to allow you to go deeper 
  • Akashic journey to release, install and give guidance on your next steps
Marina Beech Akashic Records for Life and Business


 You can JOIN in 2 different ways…

 ONLY £33 per month (value £399pm)
 £330 per YEAR (2 months FREE)
Marina Beech Akashic Records for Life and Business