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Are you feeling like you’ve hit a plateau, no matter how much effort you put in?

It’s frustrating when it seems like the only solution to break through to the next level is to keep doing more, being more, or relying on external resources like hiring a coach or expanding your team.

You may have tried positive affirmations, courses, or manifesting techniques that used to work, but now they don’t seem to have the same impact.

As an independent and conscious woman, you desire more from life, but it feels like your heartfelt desires are out of reach. You may feel like you’re missing out on the zest for life and the inner knowing that you’re on the right path.

Perhaps you’ve fallen into patterns of addiction, busy-ness or other toxic habits, or you’ve achieved what you thought you should, but there’s a sense of emptiness. You crave excitement and purpose that comes with living a fulfilling life, even during challenging times.

If this sounds familiar, Akashic Record healing and activation could be the missing piece you’ve been searching for.

But what are the Akashic Records, exactly?

The Akashic Records are an energetic 5D database of information that record every thought, action, and deed you’ve ever taken in countless lifetimes which accumulates and brings you to where you are today.  Your past life choices and experiences can manifest as trauma, wounds, repetitive patterns, contracts, vows, hooks, chords, and attachments.

How this shows up in your life…

  • Feeling blocked from moving forward, unsure whether to trust your direction and the decisions you make.
  • Addicted to be being busy in the hope that the solution will present itself or it creates a distraction.
  • Frustrated with not being sure of your innate purpose, trying lots of things but nothing feels fully right.
  • A lack of energy and motivation to get up and go, attaining success and being consistent is ‘hard work’, but your over-achieving pattern is super strong.
  • Seeking external validation or the next course that promises to bring you your success or riches.
  • Experiencing ‘groundhog-day,’ where your life seems to be on a negative repeat cycle that you can’t seem to escape.
It might seem like a lot to deal with, but it’s never too late to start your personal alignment journey and live the Ultimate life.


Are you eager to experience life and business in a whole new way?

By answering YES, you’ve confirmed that your Soul, Life, and Business are all set and ready for Alignment.

Imagine living a life where you feel back in control and empowered to make decisions you trust and support you in achieving your goals, a life with clarity of purpose and abundant energy to create the life and business you envision.

The key is to release past life karmic patterns and blocks and take aligned action, which can take up to six months of vibrational shifting on all levels of your being. 

As your spiritual intuitive, guide and healer, I’m here to hold, support, and activate you, so you can fully embody your Ultimate reality.

If you’re truly committed to creating lasting change in your life and taking the necessary aligned action to achieve it, then the Akashic Ultimate Alignment Package is perfect for you.

This 6-month package is for you if…

  • You desire more self-confidence, self-belief and trust in your decisions.
  • You want to improve your relationships, connections and ties on all levels.

  • You’re ready to heal all disempowering connections with money and wealth consciousness.
  • You desire more energy to create positive habits that enrich your life and business.
  • And so much more …

IMPORTANT: Having my support over a longer period of time will increase your chances in achieving the Ultimate Life you’ve dreamed of having.

Marina The Soul Alchemist

“This woman is amazing. I feel like the entire world needs to have a session with her and truthfully, if you don’t get in soon, you might have a decade to wait because I can see her diary exploding. I felt like I had lived a life with so many weird unanswered questions, things, patterns that kept coming back to me and no matter what I did, no matter how much I worked at them they still were there, if only a little, and I’m a coach so I know the work! But Marina Beech saw what I couldn’t see!

My mind is still blown from her insights. But she delivers everything in such a clear and straightforward way that it feels like you could be discussing the price of bread! It’s just so accessible with Marina and her answers connect all the dots you’ve been trying to make sense of for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marina. I’ve loved our three months of working together and I’m looking forward looking forward to working with you again.” 

Cheryl T



Through our time together, you will discover more about …

  • Who you are and how your Soul wishes to show up in your life and your business.
  • The Karmic Blocks being held in your personal and business Akashic Records and how they are affecting you living the life you say you desire.
  • The past lifetimes and timelines that are ready to be cleared, healed and rewritten.

We will also discuss how your Karmic Blocks impact your life/business today and energetically clear them so they no longer have a dysfunctional charge.

Your part in this work (to experience positive change) is to be willing to make new choices and take new action that support your life and business intentions whilst aligning with your Soulful self.



  • Empowered, understanding your Soul Gifts and how to leverage them further.
  • Self assured, having the clarity to make the right decisions and trusting them.
  • Motivated, having a renewed passion for life and being positive about the future.
  • Lighter, more aware of your energy leaks and how to set and uphold boundaries.
  • Valued, having a greater sense of your self-worth and knowing when to elevate it.
  • Abundant, appreciating that a balanced inner world creates a fulfilled and rich outer one.
  • Conscious, recognising that intentional choices from an aligned energy create prosperity.
  • Free, released from the karmic blocks and self imposed limitations that kept you safe.
  • Balanced, and in flow, fully trusting that life works for you not to you.

I’m proud to say that many of my clients have experienced a transformational shift in their lives and businesses through my work. As a Soul Alchemist, my unique ability lies in catalysing profound energetic shifts within you, and then providing you with the guidance you need to take inspired action.

“Before working with Marina I was feeling lost and a bit stuck. I was struggling to make decisions and felt like I was living in limbo. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and I’m feeling great, like a weight has been lifted. I’ve taken action to make things happen and with the information Marina gave me about myself, I know that these actions are on the right track for me and it’s exciting.

Marina is wonderful to work with, open, honest, she makes you feel at home and has a natural way of explaining insights. I will recommend Marina for certain, especially to people who are looking to make a difference in their lives and really start to live as they are meant to.’

– Joanne L


  • You are prepared to look at the areas you would like to change objectively.  We can be so enmeshed and attached to our Akashic Record blocks we often can’t see the Soul aligned and practical way forward.
  • You can be open and honest with me and yourself. This process at times make may bring up uncomfortable emotions  as we delve into what is holding you back. It’s important to remember that true transformation can only happen when we work from a foundation of honesty and integrity.
  • You are willing to make the steps to create the change you say you desire in your life. Action is required in order for you to experience a new reality. Making new choices may feel risky and uncomfortable… it’s all part of your journey.

As your guide and support system, I hold you in a sacred space for 6 months and will be with you every step of the way.



To recreate your reality, you must be willing to embrace change and allow yourself to transform into a new version of yourself. The person you are now cannot achieve the same level of growth and success as the person you can become through inner transformation.

Change can be uncomfortable as it happens outside of your comfort zone, but without change, you can’t move forward. 

Although resistance is likely to arise during your journey, with my guidance and support, you will be able to effectively navigate through these transitional periods. This will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep moving forward and ultimately achieve your Ultimate Breakthrough!


The Akashic Ultimate Alignment Package is highly personalised to your unique requirements, which is one of its numerous advantages. Although there is a tried and tested framework that we can follow to achieve your desired outcomes, the journey will also be led by our spiritual guides and teams. 

This means that if there’s a need to shift our focus, it will always be in your best interests to support the healing and activation necessary for creating lasting transformation.


MONTH 1 = Call 1 – Soul Embodiment Session

The journey begins with the Soul Embodiment session, which lays the groundwork for our time together. During this session, we’ll dive into your 6-month intentions so that we can both have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. By tuning in to your energy, I’ll gain insight into the best way to guide you through the process and what steps we should take first.

In addition to setting the foundation for our work together, the Soul Embodiment session will also help you discover your Soul identity and understand your unique Soul Powers and Gifts. When you have a deep understanding of how you were created to live and do business in alignment with your Soul, you can reclaim your power and achieve maximum results.

MONTH 2 = Call 2 – Karmic Block Release

Prepare to delve into the karmic blocks, limiting beliefs, programming, and traumas that are holding you back from achieving your 6-month intentions. Through your Akashic Records, I will reveal the lifetimes in which these blocks were created and how they are affecting you today. With this awareness and powerful energy clearing, you can start releasing these habits and patterns and take back control over your life. This will open up a world of opportunities for you to explore and pursue.

MONTH 3 = Call 3 – Quantum Business Booster

Prepare to shift your perspective on your business and take it to new heights! During this session, we will tap into the energy of your business through the Akashic Business Records to gain a deeper understanding of its essence, purpose, and potential. We will also identify any business blocks that may be hindering your progress towards the next level. By learning how to effectively collaborate with your business and aligning yourself with its energy, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

MONTH 4 = Call 4 – Money Activator Session

During this call, we will work on enhancing the flow of money in your business and activating greater magnetism to attract more clients.

We’ll start by examining your money stories, beliefs, and any unresolved traumas or wounds that may be blocking your abundance. Through this process, you’ll gain clarity on where your abundance blocks are and how to overcome them.

Additionally, we will determine your current money capacity in terms of income and explore ways to expand it. I’ll also provide support with Money shadow work, healing, and activation to help you shift to a new level of wealth and prosperity.

MONTH 5 = Call 5 – Karmic Block Release

Let’s review your progress towards your 6-month intentions and uncover the next layer of karmic patterns that are ready to be released from your Akashic Records. During this session, we’ll pay special attention to building self-confidence and self-worth, as these qualities can impact your ability to receive the gifts of your next level. We’ll also examine any ego-based resistance that might be holding you back, and explore strategies to work through it in the most aligned way possible.

MONTH 6 = Call 6 – Akashic Success Accelerator

Ready to take your success to the next level? During this strategy call, we’ll map out a blueprint for your future that’s fully aligned with your Divine Soul Gifts and the shifts you’ve experienced so far. We’ll work together with your spiritual team to identify the most potent action steps to take and integrate them into your Akashic Records for continued growth and impact.

Marina Soul Realignment


  • A bespoke Akashic Record Karmic block clearing, which clears the pathway and is activated at the end of each relevant call.
  • A 21-day specific Akashic Record block recoding invocation created for you to read at home to support your alignment.
  • Additional tailored resources such as Akashic Record meditations and activities that will fast track your transformation.
  • Access to my private Soul Alchemist Community Facebook Group where you can receive additional healing from me, and invaluable insight and support from my wonderful community.


  • Mon – Fri VIP access (VALUE £13,320 – £111 PD). Within this 6-month sacred container you will also receive access to me in between our sessions on Telegram where extra spiritual guidance, coaching and Akashic healing will be available.
  • Full 6 month access to my Akashic Masterclass Library (VALUE £825) to support additional healing, shadow work and activation that I feel is needed to elevate your growth.
  • My Akashic Oracle Card deck + BONUSES (VALUE £49) which you can use to gift a friend, or facilitate your own guidance and healing throughout our journey together.

Your Investment


Pay in full £3,000


Your Investment


Payment plan £550 X 6

Pay in full to save £300!

Payment plan consists of £550, when signing up, plus 5 further monthly instalments of £550 each.

Once your payment is complete you will receive an email from me with access to my calendar so you can book your 121 session.

Total Package Valued at over £14,000!

Or, to see if this program is an energetic fit for you – let’s chat! Book your FREE discovery call below …

“Before working with Marina I was feeling lost and a bit stuck. I was struggling to make decisions and felt like I was living in limbo. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and I’m feeling great, like a weight has been lifted. I’ve taken action to make things happen and with the information Marina gave me about myself, I know that these actions are on the right track for me and it’s exciting.

Marina is wonderful to work with, open, honest, she makes you feel at home and has a natural way of explaining insights. I will recommend Marina for certain, especially to people who are looking to make a difference in their lives and really start to live as they are meant to. Working with Marina has been so transformational for me in so many ways, not only for me personally but also for my business.

Before working with Marina I had so many blocks that had been holding me back. Although I had been working on some blocks previously I wasn’t seeing any significant shifts and once I started working with Marina, she was able to shift some old ancestral blocks. This I found to be both fascinating and liberating and because of Marina’s warm and friendly approach, I was able to resonate with these ideas much more closely.

Having completed the Soul Realignment program I was able to see some significant changes and shifts with the energy of my business which have had a profound affect in me moving forward without my old constricting beliefs. I would highly recommend Marina to anyone wanting to clear any old belief patterns which are really holding them back and with Marina guiding you along the way makes the process so much easier.

Thank you so very much Marina for all your wonderful help and support over the last few months.”

– Steve B

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