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No matter how hard you try that next level eludes you… 

This is tough for a conscious woman like you, who wants more from her life – as hard as you try ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is just feels out of reach.

This means one thing.  You are Soul ready.

There are no mistakes! if you are reading this, as on some Soul level you have been guided to understand that you are more than just the energy you are standing in today.  So much more, and every thought and action and deed you have ever taken in the many many lifetimes you have had accumulates to this point.

With this accumulation comes ‘stuff’, a lot of ‘stuff’ and this stuff manifests as …

  • Not being sure of your innate purpose.
  • Not sure which direction to go in your life.
  • Feeling blocked from moving forward.
  • A lack of energy and motivation to get up and go.
  • You are experiencing ‘groundhog-day,’ where your life seems to be on a negative repeat cycle.

Let me let you into a secret – Karma is a thing!

A lot of people baulk at the word Karma – but this is a real dynamic in your life.  Chances are you have lived more than one lifetime (many in fact), and this means that you are holding Karmic baggage that you still carry in your energy. It is this baggage that effects your life in so many ways – emotionally, mentally and physically.
Over the years (and lives) you would have created Karmic Blocks by making choices which do not fit or align with who you really are at soul level. Karmic Blocks can be recognised as repeat behaviour patterns or beliefs, which we just cannot see or conquer, no matter what we do.

These may include …

  • Continually attracting similar types of relationships and people into our lives
  • Generally feeling low or depressed

  • Having no energy or motivation
  • A disempowering relationship with money and wealth consciousness
  • Lacking passion to realise your life’s vision.  

Your unknown Karmic and Akashic energy is playing out and will continue to do so until we clear it.

Marina The Soul Alchemist



Through this work, you will discover more about …

  • Who you are and how your soul wishes to work?
  • Your Karmic Blocks.
  • Your past lifetimes that you are ready to clear in this session.

We will also discuss how they relate to your life today and will energetically clear them, so they no longer have a charge.

Your part in this work (to experience positive change) is to be willing to take new action and make new choices that are more aligned with your soul.



  • Confident and motivated to move forward in your life with clarity.
  • Lighter and more aware of your energy.
  • Balanced, in flow and available for what life has in store for you.
  • A renewed passion and vigor for life.
  • A sense of freedom, feeling self-assured, happier and positive about the future.
  • An increased sense of self-worth and abundance.

“I can honestly say that this has changed my life!  This is powerful in more ways than one! 
I felt I needed more healing by going back to the beginning of my soul and start again…I have always felt ungrounded, confused, unsure, lacking in  confidence and self-love/self-worth.

I know Marina puts hours of work and preparation into this … 5-6 hours and then she follows up with a face to face skype consultation and a further clearing lasting about another 1-2 hours!

Marina uncovered at least two major soul life experiences which I was still carrying through the traumas to this day. I had also collected two other earthbound souls who had attached themselves to me and was depleting me of my energy.  It was all making sense to me…some of the emotions that I had been experiencing and repeating patterns, attracting the wrong people into my life etc.

After the reading, I did have a couple of days where I  felt emotional and drained.  This is only a healing crisis and soon passed.  Three weeks on, I cannot put into words how I feel,  stronger, grounded and more content.  I feel powerful, determined, my energy is returning, I have more LOVE for myself.  I have more of a zest of life!

My humble thanks to Marina. I am so grateful for finding her!  I have my life back! I very much recommend this life-changing reading.  Worth every penny!” 

Victoria Smith

This work comes with a Soul Health Warning!  As will seriously CHANGE your life for the BETTER!


 Take a look at the options available below …


This is the entry point of my Soul Realignment & Activation services.

Once you know who you are at a soul level, you can then move forward from this place as the past stays where it should be – the past.

Get ready for clarity and guidance, as you will learn about your soul gifts and talents, and how you can use them to master, align and step into your new future.

Together we will ensure that the choices connected to the past do not determine the choices of your future.  

To Book Your


at £299

Duration = 2 x 1 hr Zoom calls delivered over 2 weeks.


Aligning to your Divine Gifts is a truly empowering experience, this Soul Realignment Package mirrors the above and also includes a 121 follow up session with me in the following month.

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at £449

Duration = 3 x 1hr Zoom calls delivered over 2 months



If you are serious about wanting to change your life for the better and are ready to take action to achieve it, then this program has been designed for you.

Whether you desire more self-confidence, wish to improve your relationships, heal your disempowering connection with money and wealth consciousness or have more energy to create positive habits, having my support over a longer period increases your chances in achieving this.  

Are you ready to take new action and do life differently’? If you answered YES to this question, then your Soul is ready to be Activated. 

Change is the aligned energy for this 3-month Soul Activation program. 

The definition of ‘Activation’ is to ‘Make Active’ and this 1:1 program (with my help and the help of my guides and pendulum) will support you on awakening your own soul knowledge, reigniting your life spark which gives you the motivation to create the positive impact and the change you desire. 

This program is for you IF …

  • You are prepared to look at the areas you would like to change objectively.
  • Can be open and honest with me and yourself.
  • And are willing to make the steps to create the change you desire in your life.

Change can be uncomfortable as it’s the ‘unknown’, but without change, you can’t move forward.  Change happens out of your comfort zone to ignite magical growth.


The beauty and benefit of this program is that it is completely bespoke to your individual needs.  We all have areas in our life we wish to work on and have different healing requirements to create long lasting change.

The 2-hour Soul Realignment reading is the starting point of our journey together and will set the intention for what you would like to focus and achieve over the course of the program.  Aligning to your Divine Gifts is a truly empowering experience.


  • Soul Realignment 2-hour Reading. 
  • PLUS 2 x 60-minute Alchemy Accelerator Calls.

PLUS ‘Meet Your Akashic Guide’ meditation.

  • PLUS A weekly Whatsapp/ messenger check in.

  • PLUS A 3-month supportive space is created where I offer Mon – Fri VIP access to me in between our sessions where additional info and guidance is given if needed.  Priceless.

Marina Soul Realignment

“Before working with Marina I was feeling lost and a bit stuck. I was struggling to make decisions and felt like I was living in limbo. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and I’m feeling great, like a weight has been lifted. I’ve taken action to make things happen and with the information Marina gave me about myself, I know that these actions are on the right track for me and it’s exciting. 

Marina is wonderful to work with, open, honest, she makes you feel at home and has a natural way of explaining insights. I will recommend Marina for certain, especially to people who are looking to make a difference in their lives and really start to live as they are meant to. 

Working with Marina has been so transformational for me in so many ways, not only for me personally but also for my business.
Before working with Marina I had so many blocks that had been holding me back. Although I had been working on some blocks previously I wasn’t seeing any significant shifts and once I started working with Marina, she was able to shift some old ancestral blocks. This I found to be both fascinating and liberating and because of Marina’s warm and friendly approach, I was able to resonate with these ideas much more closely.

Having completed the Soul Realignment program I was able to see some significant changes and shifts with the energy of my business which have had a profound affect in me moving forward without my old constricting beliefs.

I would highly recommend Marina to anyone wanting to clear any old belief patterns which are really holding them back and with Marina guiding you along the way makes the process so much easier.

Thank you so very much Marina for all your wonderful help and support over the last few months.”

– Steve Betsworth

Get out of survivor mode.  Create new habits.  Create a new life


To complete these uplifting healing experiences, you will also receive:  

  • A tailored Akashic Record Karmic block clearing, which is activated at the end of the call.
  • A 21-day specific Akashic Record block clearing invocation created for you to read at home. 
  • A chakra healing document to be kept and used after the session.
  • Access to my private Soul Awakening – Akashic & Tarot Facebook group, where you can receive additional healing from me, and invaluable insight and support from my wonderful community. 

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at £499

Duration = 4 hours on online zoom calls PLUS 2 x 60-mintue Alchemy Accelerator Calls PLUS a weekly WhatsApp / Messenger check in.

4. 60-minute Alchemy Accelerator

Life happens and when you go back into the big wide world, then over time new blocks present themselves, new karmic layers appear, which are ready to be released. 

You have done the work – but then you reach a plateau again – as its new level, new devil.

This session is a healing boost to clear karmic blockages and receive insight and guidance.  This is designed to be a top-up karmic cleanse and sweep to support you moving forward towards your life goals.

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at £179

Duration = 60 Minutes

“I recently had an 60min Alchemy session with Marina. I love my work but there was something that was still stuck stopping me from being in flow and creating and manifesting how I wanted for my business.

Marina helped me see what it was and we cleared the old energies quickly and easily. After my session the energies around my work started to flow more freely and several aspects clicked into place.

I started to attract new clients and create abundance more easily. If only I’d known earlier! Marina is very approachable, offers a lot of support, responds very quickly to queries and really gets to the core of the issue of what’s going on. I can highly recommend her to help you.” 

– Nicky

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