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I am often asked to speak in masterclasses and on Podcasts about using the Akashic records in Life and Business.

I am a heart-centred speaker and I have spoken at various large in-person and online events up to 150 people, including Magical Creators LIVE, Women Thrive Summit, Human By Design, The Urban Retreat and The Vision Board Summit.

I am also regularly asked to be a guest speaker for private VIP groups and masterminds, where I explain the power behind the Akashic records and how we use them to move past the Karmic blocks that are keeping us stuck to create the life and business we say we desire.

The Audiences Have Ranged From …

Heart led and spiritual business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Conscious and heart led women seeking to improve their money stories.

Open minded women seeking to improve and activate their abundance.

My Hot Topics Include …

Elevating Your Self Confidence & Belief To Grow Your Business

– 4 Steps To Business Success Using Your Akashic Records

– Make More Money In Your Business Using The Akashic Records

– Healing Your Business Soul Wounds To Activate Your Success

– Akashic 101 – What They Are, The Benefits & How To Use Them


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I invited Marina to speak at the Magical Creators Live event because I attended one of her workshops and I loved her style of teaching. Marina takes her listeners on a journey of self-discovery guiding through the Chambers of the Akashic Records.  After her debut at the event, we invited Marina to talk again at our next event because her first presentation got raving reviews and participants got tangible outcomes almost straight away. I highly recommend Marina Beech.”

– Inga

“I approached Marina because she was highly knowledgable around her subject area and spoke with real passion around her own personal transformation. 
Marinas masterclass for my Money Circle ™️ was fabulously engaging and one of our most watched by our community. We have received many messages from our members to share their lightbulb moments. 
I would highly recommend Marina to others considering injecting some practical depth to their past lives work.”

– Catherine Morgan

“I got in touch with Marina because I had attended one of her guest masterclasses and was just amazed at how powerful this process was. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of healing. I really wanted my clients to get a taste of this magic too! I got in touch with Marina and loved her aura and knew we would work together in the future.
Marina is a fantastic guide and mentor and is able to support and empower your clients through the sessions. The content was personalised for and the perfect addition to my group coaching programme all about healing your money story.
Her work is so powerful and myself and my clients were able to see amazing results after the sessions. I would highly recommend Marina and definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.”

– Heledd Abundant Goddess

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