Akashic Records Training Course


Do you ever feel like you are building someone else’s dream? Do you struggle with an unrelenting restless feeling? Are you reliving a disappointing Groundhog Day, over and over? Stuck on the hamster wheel of second-rate slog? 

It’s not that your life is truly terrible, but surely there must be more to it than this? 

Perhaps you’re stuck on patterns of addiction or other toxic habits. Or maybe you’ve achieved many of the things you thought you should”, but where there was supposed to be a sense of satisfaction, there’s only emptiness.  

You’re missing the sparkle; the jump-out-of-bed enthusiasm, the zest for life and the knowingness that you’re on the right path, even during times of struggle.  

If that sounds like you, the Akashic Records are the missing piece you’ve been looking for.  

Crack open the secrets to your soul! 

I fell in love with the Akashic Records over six years ago. After several redundancies in my career as a visual merchandiser and a struggle with alcoholism, I went in search of something more. I couldn’t possibly have predicted finding the magick I did, and now I want to share it with you.  

Think of the Akashic Records like the vibrational database for every Soul in The Universe, and me as your Spiritual navigator to this infinite and complex library.

Opening your records is simply reading your Soul’s path, from your many past lives to the future possibilities that lie ahead.   

Anyone can read their records. It isn’t hard, it just takes know-how, self-belief and a guiding hand.  

Whether you’re totally new to the Records, or are already immersed in the cosmic realm, my bumper course  The Akashic Code can ease you into this world of wisdom or take you on a deep dive further into the magick.  


Akashic Records Training Course Akashic Code

Your Guide To a Better Life

Access and understanding of the Akashic Records can guide you in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re building a business, starting a family or a new project, or you’re simply feeling stuck, opening The Records can reveal potent guidance to support you on your journey.  

You have come into this life with a catalogue of past life experiences and trauma. Delving into that realm and piecing together those memories can offer deep healing, so you can move through the suffering that’s clogging your power and step into your light.  

Your cosmic code can reveal blindspots that have held you back, uncover previously untapped gifts and support you to alchemise negative energy. Because when you know who you are at a Soul level, you can realign your Soul choices to create a life filled with joy, flow and endless possibility.  

The Akashic Records healed me, several years ago, and set me on a journey to discover more about the Records and how I could offer the same positive change to Soul led business owners like me.

When you unlock this encyclopedia of guidance,

you can: 

  • Clear Addictions
  • Release toxicity in your relationships, habits, beliefs and energy
  • Enhance your intuition, self-belief and self-confidence
  • Find fulfilment in yourself, relationships, prosperity, Soul purpose and more…
  • Activate dormant gifts 
  • Understand your Soul journey, lessons and Karmic debt
  • Discover your purpose 
  • Manifest your greatest desires 

With me as your guide, the truth of your Souls purpose is anything but mysterious. It sparkles and shines … 

Its waiting for you to lift the lid on a magical life!

The Akashic Code is for you if: 

  • You’re a beginner or a pro. I’m a firm believer you can always learn more. 
  • You’re a healer, therapist or holistic practitioner. This course will support your current business services. 
  • You want to empower your own healing journey and have a deeper understanding of yourself. 
  • You’re curious and open to expanding yourself Spiritually and levelling-up your intuition. 
  • You want to create Soul alignment in your relationships, health, life and business.




You can take the course level-by-level, dive headfirst into the whole bundle, or just do the first level (and likely come back for more!). 

Each level is accredited by an end-of-course assessment. This is to ensure each person has got the most from their journey and is ready to advance to the next stage of wisdom.  


Personal Akashic Alchemy (6 modules)

7 secret steps to unlocking your cosmic code. 


Practitioner Akashic Alchemy (5 modules) 

Discover your Soul identity (and other people’s too!) 


Business Akashic Alchemy (6 modules) 

Understanding the database of business records. 

“I felt positive about using the Akashic Records as we had done a small amount of work together previously. I had been curious about it sometime before and had in fact done an online self-study course in it. I felt I was not really much wiser after that about what to do. Your training was completely different. It was broken down well and your explanations are clear and with a depth of knowledge. This training has dramatically improved my life as I feel I have cleared a huge block for me regarding relationships and it was impacting my life and my business. I would recommend this training to others because once you have this skill you can clear and transform any aspect of your life. Thank you so much Marina and I can’t wait to get going on Level 2!”




The Akashic Bundle – All 3 Levels

Just £999 for all 3 courses!

Or £89 per month for 12 months

The Full Details By Level…



Learn the ropes or elevate your insight with this six-module back-to-basics” course that is anything but basic! Mastering the foundations of your records is vital before you deepen your practice, so whether youre totally new to this realm or just beginning…

Over 6 modules you will cover…

Module 1 – Getting started

  • Set the space, protocol and intention. 
  • Receive the Akashic attunement and learning what effective questions to use. 

Module 2 – Your Access Method

  • The different ways you can access your Akashic Records and setting your access invocation.

Module 3 – The Akashic Blocks

  • How to clear typical blocks & restrictions, and the energies and tools you can use. 

Module 4 – Activation Effective Healing

  • How to create and activate your healing invocation.
  • Learn what Alignment Energies are and how to install them into your Records.

Module 5 – Success Anchors

  • Learn what they are and how they activate your future success, and how to install them into your Records. 

Module 6 – Soul Powers & General

  • Learn what your Soul Powers are, benefits of using them and how to unlock/enhance them in the Akashic Records.    
  • Plus, Akashic tips, aftercare and what results to look for. 

Akashic Assessment

  • Demonstrate your new-found knowledge of how to open and read your Akashic Records, and determine what your preferred method of access is.   
  • Identify the Akashic blocks and effectively clear them and realign the energy.
  • Illustrate how you moved through your own challenge, what conclusions you came to and your action taken. 
Marina The Soul Alchemist Akashic Records

How you will be supported

  • With specific prework, handouts and homework for each module. 
  • With recorded trainings and support calls that can be watched anytime.
  • Being attuned to The Records with Archangel Metatron so can use them in a deeper way. 
  • You will receive further support in a private Telegram group. 



5 more modules for those who want to dive deeper into a lifetime of wisdom and read other peoples records.

I often call the Records the gift that keeps on giving because there is as much (or as little) information at your disposal. Like a Google search, you can choose to read just the first page, or hundreds of results”.  New levels of the Akashic Records present themselves the more we engage with this realm and Level 2 is all about delving deep into the wisdom.  

Who is this for?

This is for you if you’re ready to elevate your Akashic training. You want more intuitive hits and inner “knowing”, so you can expand your power.  

Level 1 catapulted you through the “stuckness” but now you have deeper questions and want to find answers. You’re ready to quantum leap into new levels of abundance and fulfilment.


  • Confirm the 7 Pillars.  
  • Explore the differences between reading your own and clients’ Records. 
  • Determine your access method to gain information. 
  • Confirm who your practise clients are. 

Module 1 – Your Soul Identity

  • Discover your Soul origins, including where you are from and your Soul characteristics.
  • Learn your Angelic connection and how it both supports and challenges you.

Module 2 – Akashic Blocks & Spiritual lessons

  • Reveal more Karmic blocks, so you can be more specific and impactful with your healing sessions. 
  • Gain greater insight into the Spiritual lessons you’re here to master so you can understand why you attract certain people, situations and repeat patterns in your life.  
Marina Beech Akashic Records Training Course

Module 3 – Akashic Interpretation & Action

  • Discover the Akashic story and how to act on it in a practical sense.

Module 4 – Structuring a Client Session

  • Learn how to communicate effectively to clients and deliver your sessions safely and effectively. 

Module 5 – Duty of Care

  • Understand your duty of care and Spiritual service ethics.

Akashic Assessment

  • Demonstrate your understanding of how to open and read other peoples Akashic Records.  Show how to identify the Akashic blocks and effectively clear them. 
  • Illustrate how you researched and delivered your client sessions.



Lets get down to business, baby!

Are you ready to create a quantum expansion in your business? You have experienced the magick your Records can yield in other areas of your life and now you’re ready to ignite your career, to know your business story so you can tell it on your own terms.  

In the final level of The Akashic Code, you will learn how to access your own and your clients’ Business Records (yes, they have their own), and use them to gain guidance, activate healing and elevate success.   

Meet your Akashic Business Guides and the Soul of Your Business so you can establish a solid co-creative connection.  Understand the different types of Business Blocks that can present, how they have a detrimental effect on your business and how to release them to reach new levels of success.

Your Business Identity

This is likely a new way of looking at business for you, but when you view your business as having its own magickal essence, energy frequency and purpose, you can make informed and aligned decisions. The more intimately you can connect with the Soul Of Your Business and understand its personality, the easier it is to co-create and fulfil both of your needs. Your business is here to help you expand and grow so you can step fully into your potential.

Who is this for?

  • Practitioners who wish to elevate their Akashic training to include reading for their clients’ businesses.
  • Business owners who wish to combine strategy with intuition, magick and Soul alignment, who wish to use their business Spiritual support to team to elevate their goals and activate higher levels.  
  • Those who wish to expand their service offerings to be able to support their own clients in a deeper way – especially those who are also in business.  

Reading The Business Records

  • Protocol to access and read the Business Records. 
  • Meet your Akashic Business Guides and Soul of Your Business .
  • Discover and interpret the information from the Akashic Records and what to practically do with it to elevate your business. 
  • Client communication and delivering your sessions safely and effectively. 
  • Blend your Akashic work with other modalities.
  • Duty of care and ethics. 


  • Confirming the 7-step practice and your access method to your Business Records to gain information.  

Module 1 – The Akashic Business Records

Marina Beech Akashic Records Training Course Akashic Code
  • Understand what the Business Records are and how they differ to The Akashic Records. 
  • Learn how to access your Business Records and establish the connection with your Akashic Business Guides and The Soul Of Your Business. 

Module 2 – Business Foundations

  • Determining your no.1 business intention and learning how to install it into The Business Records for success.  Identify the most aligned business challenge to work through – this may be not what you think.

Module 3 – The Business Identity

  • Gain clarity on which Archetype your business most relates to and how it wishes to express itself in the world.  
  • Understand what strengths, gifts and power your business holds and what is available to be enhanced or unlocked within you.  
  • Learn what your business’s goals and desires are so you can realign your focus and make tweaks that work for both of you. 

Module 4 – Akashic Business Blindspots

  • Learn how to identify the different Akashic blocks that can hold your business back and effectively release them.
  • Discover how to install Alignment Energies & Success Anchors to amplify your results.  Understand how to interpret the information found and turn it into practical action. 
  • Identify past and present life Karmic business blocks in your business records.  Understand what they are and how to effectively release them.

Module 5 – Dealing With Resistance

When it comes to expanding your business, we are often resistant to change, find excuses and self-sabotage.  Understand what the ‘Growth Resistant’ blocks are and how to effectively support you and your clients to move through them.

Module 6 – The Magickal Co-Creation & Delivering a Session

  • Establishing an ongoing relationship with your business that supports both your needs.
  • How to effectively use your Business Records on a daily basis.  
  • Learn how to structure a client session and communicate it effectively.  
  • Blend your Akashic work with other modalities. 
  • Understand your duty of care and spiritual service ethics.

Akashic Assessment

  • Demonstrate your understanding of what The Business Records are, how to open, read and clear a business in The Akashic Records.
  • Illustrate effective ways to co-create and deal with growth resistant blocks.

“I was eager and excited to learn more about the akashic records before the training, it has provided a framework for me to use to access the records, clear blocks, align and heal effectively. I now have another tool to use in my spiritual toolbox to clear and heal blocks which is helpful, especially when clearing past life issues, I know I have somewhere to go if other types of healing don’t seem to work. I would recommend it as a way that people can effectively self heal, be more confident in their choices and feel more in control of their lives.”




The Akashic Bundle – All 3 Levels

Just £999 for all 3 courses!

Or £89 per month for 12 months

Or invest in the levels as you go…

Your Investment


 ONLY £499 (VALUE £1,499)

Available NOW!

Your Investment


 ONLY £499 (VALUE £1,499)

Level 1 needs to be completed first.

Your Investment


 ONLY £499 (VALUE £1,499)

Levels 1 & 2 need to be completed first.

Come Home To Your Soul

You’ve made it this far. You can feel the tug of your Higher Self, it’s calling for you to come home.

Whether you start now or resist the call, I know your soul will keep nudging you in the right direction. The question is how long you will put it off for.

Don’t wait a lifetime to fill that yearning void.

Step into your bliss today. I’ll be welcoming you with a guiding hand.

Marina Beech Akashic Records for Life and Business

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