Akashic Vortex Memebership


MODULE 1 – Enhancing Self Belief


Did you know that lack of Self Belief is one of the most common challenges and blocks I support my clients with and identifying the root cause can take time.  Past life trauma, programming, karmic agreements and family conditioning can all negatively influence how you show up today.


 Where would you rate your self belief when it comes to your Business, Work, Relationships, Health & Money?

It’s likely you will be fairly confident in certain aspects of your life, but how would it feel to be that assured in all areas? 

What impact could you create if you enhanced it further?


Lack of Self Belief affects…

Not trusting your own abilities, especially with key decisions

Giving in to fear, insecurity and doubts, instead of trusting yourself

✔ Comparing yourself to others and more!!!

How could your life be different if you held a deeper sense of belief in your gifts, fully trusting your decisions and the abilities you have?


What if I told you that I could help strengthen your Self Belief today, would you?


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MODULE 1 – Enhancing Self Belief

A Journey of Discovery

I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to not believe in myself…

To be excited about new intentions, desires and ambitions, and then get so far and hit a wall or self sabotage my progress! 

✔  To experience missed opportunities because I’ve allowed my inner doubts and the ‘what if’s’ to creep in!

✔  To undermine my own worth, gifts and talents because I’ve compared myself to others!



By following the nudges from my guides I created…

The Akashic Immersion – A Guide to Unlocking Your Potential Step By Step

I knew by using The Akashic Records I would be able to understand my own self belief sabotages on a deeper level and release them for ever.

This powerful journey is delivered in 3 parts, each addressing the biggest challenges my clients face….

🦸‍♂️ Enhancing Self Belief

🔮 Connecting To Their Intuitive Gifts

💸 Releasing Money Blocks

Each module is powerful in its own right and contains exactly what you need to get results.  If you are looking to optimise your change then I invite you to complete the whole journey with me.  

So far the results have been incredible both personally and from what my clients have shared too.  

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MODULE 1 – Enhancing Self Belief


After completing Module 1

✨ Past life karmic blocks released and healed

✨ Elevating your confidence, self belief and self esteem

✨ Installing success anchors to create opportunity and alignment

After completing all 3 Modules

Increased prosperity and appreciation of the abundance you receive

✨ Insight and understanding of your own soul’s journey

✨ Gaining meaningful breakthroughs in life & business

Healing you, on many levels, so you feel lighter and more positive

Shifts of perspective and connecting to your truth

Clearer communication with your spiritual support team

Mastery of your energy using The Akashic Records

Gain FREE ACCESS to a magickal Akashic journey by CLICKING THE LINK below. 


MODULE 1 – Enhancing Self Belief

This first module is already super!
I needed to learn again that I can enter the corridor to the door to my own AR library through the purple portal of light. And that I can invite my ego to step out of my body and out of the room.
That’s what I needed!!
Next step: To enter my AR on my own, and now I have the confidence that I can!
Thank you for this wonderful piece of work of yours! ✨
I’m looking forward to the modules 2 and 3.
Btw, I was drawing my AR room, but I got stuck, the large table was empty and one wall was empty.
Now I know what was missing: the book 📖 and the mirror 🪞

– Mariska


Akashic Records for Life and Business

Hi, I’m Marina The Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive, Teacher and Channel who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine soul gifts and clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

The Akashic Records healed me, several years ago, and set me on a journey to discover more about the Records and how I could offer the same positive change to soul led business owners like me.

When we know who we are, at soul level, we realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility.


MODULE 1 – Enhancing Self Belief

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