reviews Marina The Soul Alchemist
Reviews Marina The Soul Alchemist

I have been studying tarot for 40 years and doing readings for at least 30 years. Tarot has been a valuable tool in my life. While I can do readings for myself, the guidance and insights I have received when someone else does a reading are magnified. That was definitely the case in this reading!

I chose to do this reading with Marina because I was curious about what else I needed to know and how I could maximize my time in the next 3 months, particularly for the remainder of the Covid-19 confinement.

I found her approach a great balance of lightheartedness and efficiency. There was so much info and insight packed into the 40-minute reading!

The insight she gave was succinct and yet deeply profound. I remember getting chills when I looked at each card and took in the messages.

She sent an informative follow-up email with a summary of what was released, audio of the readings, picture of the cards and info for future readings. This is a benefit because I can refer back to it over the next 3 months.

In the reading I received clarity about my strengths and areas that I could continue to build on, as well as areas that needed some extra energy or attention. Plus, I connected with one of my Guardian Angels that I keep forgetting is hanging around supporting me and just waiting for me to ask…for anything!

I felt lighter after the reading because we cleared some blocks in my Akashic records which were holding me back and/or sabotaging my efforts. Marina also referred back to the tarot card reading to give me some suggestions on how to ensure that I maintained some healthier habits without those blocks.

No matter what knowledge you have of tarot or the Akashic records I highly recommend investing in readings with Marina! Sign up NOW!

  – Concetta Antonelli

I would quickly like to extend my gratitude to Marina and say that the Empowermet Tarot Reading is absolutely fantastic and worth every bit of your time and money 😍😍 DON’T WAIT, DO IT!!

I recently had mine done in preparation for 2020 and I have to say it couldn’t have been more relatable and it all makes sense. I feel really motivated and encouraged to step into 2020 now. The healing is already doing it’s magic..

It is such a pleasure to witness you doing your thing Marina, thanks for sharing your gifts 🙏 so grateful our paths crossed 💐

– Riikka Lariikka

I found the practical guidance you gave me around money and asking for it really powerful. Something has shifted for me through that alone. And the healing in my akashic records is also still resonating through me. I could write an essay on the ways in which the session has impacted me! 

For the first time in forever I am feeling excited about the prospect of potentially working with people one to one again – which I had said do firmly I didn’t want to do.  

– D.S

I had a 3 month Akashic Tarot Reading and clearing. What came out was amazing and this negative trait was cleared quite swiftly. Marina is very straight to the point which I feel I needed! The Challenge Card came up within 24 hours and I dealt with the situation differently! I feel now more motivated in my business and recommend Marina for her wealth of knowledge in the Akashic Records!”  

Wendi Lindsay

“I had been experiencing some un-explained occurancies in my home since last year. Some things I could try to explain but the more frightening incidents I had no answers for. My husband also experienced one of those frightening experiences so I knew i wasn’t going mad. Things started to calm a little until we got a dog. She sensed that something else was with us.

On top of this my marriage became strained. Some family and friends had stopped speaking to my husband. The energy in the house seemed to be stifled. There was so much negative feeling and no fun. I started to hate the house and didnt want to be in it. I really didnt know what to do.

Each time I tried to be positive I felt like something pushed me back. One step forward and two back. Marina heard about my goings on through a friend and without any hesitation she offered to give my home a House Clearing. I gladly accepted her offer.

I was surprised and also relieved to hear her findings. Things began to make sense.  It has taken a little while but at last the house has become calmer. The house is beginning to feel like home again. Relationships feel stronger and I am looking towards a brighter future. Bridges are beginning to be built outside the home too.

I am so truly thankful and grateful to Marina. Without her help I dont know what story I could be telling you now. Marina is an Angel in disguise. A truly beautiful person inside and out and comes highly recommended.

– Debbie Serridge

I got a house clearing from Marina a few weeks ago, it has changed the energy in my house in so many ways. I was always sick with my stomach and felt low at times, I was at the doctor a lot as they couldn’t seem to find out why I was always picking up bugs every two weeks or so.   

A friend recommend I get a house clearance done with Marina to see if this would help.  All I can say is that since Marina cleared my house there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my health. I HAVEN’T been sick.  My energy is great.  My mood is so much better.  And the house just feels so different.  I feel I have a better quality of life.  

Thank you Marina, LIFE FEELS SO MUCH BETTER xx.”

Fiona O’Brien

I signed up for the Akashic records masterclass knowing very little about it other than one previous 1:1 healing session when Marina used it. Marina has a beautiful warm engaging energy and gave the information in an easy to digest way by video link plus the booklet. The guided personal journey was hugely powerful and has gave me hugely relevant information and shifts. It’s great to be able to use the recording if I want to be guided again but also have the written information to use to do it alone. Thank you very much Marina! ” 

– Sue Cowan

Had the most amazing experience with Marina’s Akashic Attraction Workshop. She did an aura clearing first to get us relaxed and then went on to a transformational meditation to take us to our Akashic Records. The session itself was so powerful and I could feel the energy so intensely. Since then, I feel a huge shift after clearing some of my Akashic Records. Thank you for a profound experience and look forward to working with you again.” 

–  Heledd Fflur

“Marina did my soul realignment over a fortnight ago. I couldn’t believe how things from my past resonated with experiences from my current life. It was unnerving! It was just so interesting and I really felt lighter and a sense of security after the clearing/healing.  I still need to listen back and process it more. I’m delighted to have had it done. Marina is a beautiful warm person, extremely professional and thorough. During this time I have been doing her money manifesting course. Between everything the past two weeks have been full of abundance, realisations and good karma. I definitely put it down to Marinas help and following her advice fully. I highly recommend the soul realignment for anyone. Thank you Marina.   

– Donna Broderick

I recently completed Marina’s Soul Activation Programme, which I found mind blowing. If your like me and like all the history and insight of your Soul then this is for you. Marina is very gifted, she listened to my fears and desires I wanted to help shift through the course and gave me tools to work on them. With doing this course I do feel so many benefits of getting to know my Soul type and what works for me, it’s like a script of your Soul that you will have for the rest of your life. ” 

–  Anna O’Brien

“I have had many sessions with Marina – I view her as part of my team – like my dentist or hairdresser, added to my personal MOT list is an Akashic record clearing 😊  Every 6 months or so Marina goes into my records and works with my energies and make sure there is no attachment, scars or healing to be done.

The last session we did together the word Strategy came up time and time again.  I am an Aries and a Life Path 1 in numerology and I work very quickly – I am great at doing everything that is in front of me, but I have never been a strategic person.  Strategy has happened accidentally in my business.  It has worked to date, however, what gets you there will not get you to the next level.  One of the intentions for my session with Marina was the next level in my business.


Hearing her repeatedly mention and connect me to the fact that strategy was required in my life and business was so powerful.  As it was broken down, it was easier for me to see the areas where strategy was needed in my business.  This was also related to where I was holding myself back in my business – as having more strategy would enable me to reach new heights, increase my visibility and consciously co-ordinate my business on a deeper level.
Since our session I have integrated this information (and Marina integrates it in the records) which has helped my growth and understanding in my business.  Thank you.”

–  JS

“I had a Alchemy Accelerator session with Marina as part of my Akashic Business Program journey . During the modules in the Akashic Business Activator program, it became apparent that I was attached in some way to my husbands money story. I asked Marina if she could help me clear this in our tune up session. This is what Marina did. She cleared the energies of that part of my money story that were stopping me from moving forward in my business and also added some positive activations.

Marina also listened to me and gave me some excellent advice when I told her about a new service I wish to offer. Marina is really practical in her approach and uses her gifts with this “let’s get it done” attitude which means I left the session feeling very empowered and excited for my next steps. Thanks Marina- your work is invaluable.”  

– Olwen Jennings

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