Money is an emotive subject for most of us and you’re probably familiar with the terms ‘Poverty Consciousness’ and ‘Lack Mindset’. But do we really block ourselves to the energy of the green stuff and how do our money blocks REALLY affect us?


Well from my experience so far its a BIG YES our mindsets DO affect our cash flow and client attraction! For me personally shifting from the safety of consistent income that comes from having a full time job to running your own business requires a huge mindset change that shouldn’t be underestimated.


Fears of not making enough for household bills, experiencing the ups and downs of income is very real and is similar to being on a really scary rollercoaster. When we’re in that swirl of negativity energy of thoughts we unconsciously give the message to the Universe – I’m in lack can I have more please!!!


Of course it’s easier said than done pulling yourself out of that cycle however the reality is if you don’t your circumstances just don’t improve, and in some cases get worse. So WHY am I still doing what I do and luckily enough to say STILL in business more than 3 years later?


Because I LOVE what I do, nothing brings me more fulfilment then helping others shift their own Karmic S!!T so they can move past their limitations and activate their Soul potential….AND I work on my mindset, so how am I DOING it?


There’s a variety of ways and I use other healers too, but as an advocate of the Akashic Records I do spend time in there locating present and past life money blocks for myself and clients.


These could include:

💸 Vows of Poverty

💸 Soul Level Bargains

💸 Soul Contracts

💸 Beliefs

💸 Imprints


The list goes on…… Identifying the block is a start but its understanding how the energy of what I find affects you is where you can activate the change….. Is the block creating false perceptions? Is it affecting your confidence and self worth? Is it genetic and passed down from your Ancestors?


Once these blocks are found they can be brought into your awareness to be cleared from your Akashic Record and dealt with at a physical level. So far I found that not pushing too hard, finding my flow and showing gratitude and appreciation is KEY to attracting the abundance of money.


Here’s a FREE healing I hosted in my Facebook Group recently which was given to help my community to help them achieve their goals quicker.


We covered:

💸 High Standards

💸 Poverty Consciousness

💸 Scarcity Consciousness

💸 Limiting Beliefs

💸 Resistance

💸 Self Criticism

💸 Being Held To Ransom

Start the video at 2.50mins in, unless you want to hear me whitter!!!

To receive the healing just state ‘You Accept’ and watch the video. Remember to drink lots of water for the next 2 days and go with any shifts of emotion that come up to be released. These could be feeling emotional, angry, irritated, sad. It’s all normal but shouldn’t be dismissed.


Do feedback on how you found this and what changes you experience after.


If you wish to work with me 121 on your money blocks I have a number of Soul Services available that all include pendulum healing and can be found here. https://www.marinabeech.co.uk/


If you wish to join my FREE Facebook Group then the link is here too – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1942777869318708