As a frequent user of the Akashic Records I wanted to dispel some of the myths I’ve heard, seen and experienced that will enlighten and support you with using this cosmic realm for yourself which will hopefully install more confidence in using them for yourself.

For those who have never heard of the Akashic Records I’ll briefly explain. They’re an energetic database that sit in the 5th Dimension and hold information and memories for every single person that has ever lived all the way back to beginning of that souls creation.

The Akashic Records remember every single choice, action and consequence we’ve ever made.  Businesses and Homes have them too!  By using your Akashic Records you have the opportunity to let go of the karmic blocks that hold you back and write a new future filled with opportunity and fulfilment.


I’ve personally experienced my own incredible healing within my Akashic Records which led me to where I am today totally rocking it both in life and in business.

 To hear more about this amazing realm you can watch this short video – CLICK HERE. 

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So in no particular order here are the top 7 myths you need to know!….

1 – You have to be super intuitive and spiritually conscious to access them. 

If we travel back in history this was true as it was deemed only the prophets and saints had the higher enough vibration and knowledge to gain access.  However things have changed and collectively humanity has raised its consciousness to a point that we can easily gain access.  If you are showing an interest in your own souls journey and have come to realise that you are responsible for the choices you make you are able to access the Akashic Records.  The only requirement that I encourage is to have an open mind, be curious and allow yourself time to practise.


2 – You can only access them through meditation or visualisation.

Wrong, you can access them in a very conscious state.  It just takes intent and for you identify the optimum way for you to connect.  I’ve seen people channel, use automatic writing and meditation.  I personally use a pendulum, charts, questions, journaling and meditation to access and work within this amazing cosmic realm.


3 – The Akashic Records is a spiritual realm that is separate to us.

Yes and No, the Akashic Records is a field of energy that exists all around us, but the they’re also part of our energetic DNA and divine soul blueprint which is part of our physical being. It’s been scientifically proven that we hold trauma and stress responses within our human cells and many of the root causes will be found from our choices, events and stories written in the Akashic Records.


4 – They are only good for healing karmic patterns and agreements.

The Akashic Records are great for healing there is no doubt but its not the only reason to use them.  You can get insight and guidance on a wide range of topics from understanding a repeat pattern or situation, learning what your soul gifts are, and even being able to influence your future.

5 – I fell asleep so nothing must be happening.

This is actually quite a common occurrence and although it may seem that you’ve conked out and so nothing much must be happening its actually quite the opposite.  What this means is that there is deep healing occurring (usually on the 7th dimension and above) which actually needs your conscious mind and ego to be switched off for a while so the magic can happen.  Although it seems you’ve zoned out my clients always seem to be able to come back round just as we close the Akashic Records – so totally intentional by the guides and frequencies I work at.


6 – Akashic Records are only created for people.

Believe it or not everything potentially has an Akashic Records as its exists as a body of energy and will have some kind of life span of sorts.  But the Records I personally work with are individuals, houses and businesses.  However Mother Earth has one and so does each country.


7 – Akashic Record healing happens slowly.

Not true my own healing shift happened with a couple of seconds and I was able to notice an instant shift in mental energy and my thought patterns.  That said I find that most Akashic work does tend to be more gentle as it needs to be combined with us making the changes at a physical level too…  and that is where it can feel slower as we need to work with time and the physical body.


So what do you think, does this inspire you to find out more or give it a go?

I have a range of powerful meditations that will help you connect with your guides, heal and get guidance.  If you have money blocks then I’d recommend listening to this one – CLEARING PAST LIFE MONEY BLOCKS

Do let me know how you get on!!

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